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  1. adui

    I Made a Bulldog

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Here she is:
  2. adui

    Pipe Number 5, Dublinesque

    Here she is, Whaddya think?
  3. adui

    Pipe Number 4

    I bought the block, I drilled it I carved it. Whats wrong cant be seen from this angle. I drilled the shank about 3mm off center, thus the shank is off to one side of the bowl. Also, due to mistakes in the shank the stem fit isnt perfect.
  4. adui

    Adui's Third Pipe: a Mini Billiard

    I have two semi carved billiards to play with. The first one, not so good the shank cracked twice so it is on hold awaiting a cap. This one was carved with guidance from pipe makers. Its far from perfect, but I think it's a nice little mini billiard, and I learned a lot about the shape doing it...
  5. adui

    Esoterica And So to Bed, First Impressions of a Novice

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob I'll begin by saying its all your fault for adding this to the Esoterica favorites thread! (Not sure who atm, but anyhow) I picked this wonderful blend up, as indicated, because I saw more than a couple folks listing it in the thread, and...
  6. adui

    The Chocolate Block, Adui's Second Carve Complete

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob I don't like how dark the color got, and pearwood doesn't have nearly the character briar does, but here it is:
  7. adui

    My Attempt to Carve a Pipe by Hand

    So far to date all I have are rasps and files to carve with, so keep that in mind. Im going to put pics as I make progress this post will have the block as it looked in the amazon add I bought it from. EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title - Bob
  8. adui

    Mac Baren Plumcake, Thoughts From a Novice

    I enjoyed what ended up being roughly half a bowl of this blend while sitting on my front porch in the early morning just after sunrise. I sipped at a cup of coffee, listened to the birds, and talked to my old dog Buddy who was laying on a blanket in front of me. I used my bent briar pipe Like...
  9. adui

    How Do You Decide What Tobacco To Try

    I'm curious for those more experienced. I have always smelled the tobacco in the jar (always bought bulk at local retailers) and purchased an ounce of something new to try, then go back for more if I like it. Some of the lighter more fragrant tobaccos are nice, but surprisingly empty to me. So...
  10. adui

    Navy flake first impressions

    I had to think hard about where to post this. On one hand, it is my review of the Navy Flake I obtained. On the other, it is after only one bowl and I am VERY inexperienced in my pipe smoking. Ultimately it goes here, Mods can move it if they see fit. Background: As I mentioned, I am just...
  11. adui

    Rusticated Pipe and Wax

    Put simply, does one wax a rusticated pipe, or is there another method of polishing / sealing it?
  12. adui

    Im Considering Making My Own

    preamble: Moderators, please move if this isnt the right area for this. So here's the thing. I have always been on the lower end of the income spectrum, so I have always had a DIY mentality. Once upon a time (read 3 and a half decades ago plus a year) I was handy in a wood shop. BUT in my adult...
  13. adui

    Pipe Care For a Total Noob

    When I had my last pipe in the 90's ( a very nice entry level Savinelli given to me by a friend who insisted on replacing the dime store pipe I'd had that he broke) all I ever did was clean it with pipe cleaners ,and occasionally wipe the bowl out. I think I probably ran some fine grit sand...
  14. adui

    New old pipe smoker

    Good morning from sunny Arizona! I smoked a pipe for a few years in the 90's then put it down for a while. I've recently returned to the hobby (if it can be called that?). So, because of that consider me a brand new pipe enthusiast! (learning all over again)