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  1. carlomarx

    What are You Reading Now?

    "Surprise,Kill,Vanish" Annie Jacobsen
  2. carlomarx

    Ad from the '80's

    That and a Members Only jacket and you were gonna score.
  3. carlomarx

    Best Summer Time Smoke Drink Combination

    Morning: Bourbon Santos beans,ground by hand and brewed in a French press Evening: Gin & Tonic with either Hendricks, Bluecoat or Gunpowder Irish Gin gin with Fever Tree Tonic Late night: Any of the following,Eagle Rare, Paddy's, Knappogue Castle or Old Forester Around a campfire or at deer...
  4. carlomarx

    Quotes & Sayings...

    As the ancient Greeks knew, " The Gods dice are always loaded"
  5. carlomarx

    What are You Reading Now?

    "Islands in the Stream" Ernest Hemingway
  6. carlomarx

    Does Anyone Chew Their Pipe Tobacco?

    Tried a mouthful of my grandfather's Prince Albert when I was ten years old. Not good, not good.
  7. carlomarx

    What are You Watching, 2021? Rating [*/5]

    Hamish Macbeth series on Amazon Prime.
  8. carlomarx

    Detailing Your Own Car

    Sounds like my '76 CJ-5. Took years to get the wet dog, pipe tobacco smoke, deer blood and damp mud smell just right. Wouldn't want to ruin it by detailing the Ole Girl.
  9. carlomarx

    What are You Reading Now?

    Caesar's Commentary on the Gallic War
  10. carlomarx

    I've Heard of a Stripper at a Construction Site Before, But Not Like This

    Much better for worker morale than the hours of diversity training meetings I had to attend.
  11. carlomarx

    What Are You Listening To? - March 2021

    "Talking Sopranos" Podcast.
  12. carlomarx

    JM Boswell Tobacconist

    They made us take an oath not to tell you about their locations as long as you lived in PA.
  13. carlomarx

    Have You Quit Pipe Smoking In the Past, and Why?

    Quit for about ten years after two bouts of pneumonia. Always doubted there was a strong connection but whatever. Wish I would have stocked up on Brindley's mixture and the original Troost while I was off the pipe. When I started again those two were unavailable and the local Pipe shops had...
  14. carlomarx

    I Predict Some Severe Shortages

    + 1 on the Hava'Tampa
  15. carlomarx

    What are You Reading Now?

    Loved the Bond series. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my copies from the sixties.
  16. carlomarx

    What are You Reading Now?

    Good call. I'm a Chandler fan, my gosh, that guy could write.
  17. carlomarx

    What are You Reading Now?

    "Sweet Thursday" John Steinbeck. The sequel to "Cannery Row".
  18. carlomarx

    Songs with the Greatest Opening Lines

    " I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE...AND I BRING YOU FIRE" Arthur Brown 1968 The kind of lyrics that 16 year old guys think are cool! Plus it made your neighbors nervous when played full blast as you rolled down East End Avenue.
  19. carlomarx

    If This Is True...

    I guess shes' never dated a guy from Pittsburgh.
  20. carlomarx

    Where Have You Lived?

    Benson, Arizona San Francisco, CA Oakland, CA San Diego,CA Ship Rock, NM Pittsburgh, PA Pinos Altos, NM Port Matilda, PA State College,PA