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  1. gregprince

    First Brylon Pipe in Fifty Years

    I recently bought a lot of 9 pipes. They were dirt cheap, which was about right. Several will be nice small pipes, good for a short smoke. One is a Drinkless Kaywoodie, another is the first brylon I've ever owned. It's a TAR GARD Billiard by Venturi. Probably my last.
  2. gregprince

    Cancer Procedure Monday

    About 18 months ago I received a diagnosis of stage 4 esophageal cancer. I was given about three months to live. I've now had 18 months of good health and have made the most of it. The doctor told me that the cancer had nothing to do with smoking, but this type is caused by the "modern diet"...
  3. gregprince

    Unfamiliar With This Comoy

    I just picked up a Comoy bulldog (409) with stampings that I'm not familiar with. On the right side is the standard circular "made in london" with "England" below. On the left side it reads "COMOYS", on the second line, which fades in the middle "COMA?? COMMISSION" and on the third line...