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  1. pruss

    Finally! An Estate Pipe Of Reasonable Quality In The Local Buy & Sell

    ... only to find out that the vendor has it listed at a price which is higher than buying it new from The Danish Pipe Shop, having it shipped to NZ, and paying the duty on it. Darn it all to heck. This country is murder on PAD. In other news, if I get desperate I can buy the Estrella the same...
  2. pruss

    New Pipe Commission - Progress Shot

    This has been in the works for a while, and still has a fair amount of detail work to go, but I thought you guys might like to see my latest commission. I’ll post the finished pics once the work is done. — Pat
  3. pruss

    Job Posting - CEO (un)Official Pipes Magazine Secret Santa

    Heya folks. After a couple great years of solid Secret Santa programs which saw nearly 100 gifts exchanged into 8 different countries, a couple of protectorates and Texas, I'm heading to my porch to kick up my heels and smoke a pipe. Life, work and other activities have conspired to take me...
  4. pruss

    It's A Massacre! -- Brutalized Dunhill eBay Listing

    Ok Duke St. lads and lassies, tell me it's a quaint. Please. Because, otherwise... What the everloving fuck did someone do to this pipe? -- Pat
  5. pruss

    Comoy's Sandblast 42

    Here's a lovely little Sandblast that gets added to the inbox in the Pipe Cave. If the chip in the tars in the rim (at 9:00 in the top down picture of the chamber) isn't a crack, then I'm happy with my $15 + shipping snipe. If it is a fatal flaw, then I at least get to practice cleaning up...
  6. pruss

    Help Me Find A New Christmas Aromatic

    Hello, my name is Pat, and I am an unabashed Christmas Aromatic pipe tobacco smoker. At Christmas. For the last few years I've been smoking Glynn's delightful Christmas Blends from GQ Tobacco. That's not an option this year and I'm allergic to goopy, PG laden, syrupy, flavour heavy...
  7. pruss

    Pipes & Cigars - Customer Appreciation Event

    I'm trying to remember when P&C does their annual Customer Appreciation Event. If memory serves, and it sometimes doesn't, this usually goes off around November doesn't it? I'm trying to remember, but it feels like a year or so since the last huge outpouring of vitriol and spite directed at P&C...
  8. pruss

    The (un)Official Pipes Magazine Secret Santa - 2016 Edition

    Greetings and Salutations. Holy crap, it's nearly November. So it's time... it's beyond time... to get this party started. Welcome back to the annual holiday gifting extravaganza! It's time for the (un)Official Pipes Magazine Secret Santa - 2016 Edition, now with added beneficial bacteria...
  9. pruss

    Sometimes You Gotta Love Mail -- Classified Ad Pays Off (Pics)

    So we all know not to buy pipes when the pictures are shoddy and don't cover all angles... We also know that when the seller gets basic pipe shapes wrong we shouldn't trust their assessment of a pipe's condition... But sometimes you just gotta go with it. This arrived today. $120CDN delivered...
  10. pruss

    Heirloom PAD - Oldies, Goodies, & Mysteries (Novel Length & PIC HEAVY)

    Afternoon folks. I had another one of those fantastic pipe moments last week; one of those convergences that happen when least expected that leaves life richer. As is my wont, I search online want-ads like Craiglist and, our Canadian iteration (Kijiji), for pipes and tobacciana with...
  11. pruss

    Made in Canada - Brigham PAD

    Over the last month we've had a good dialogue about the relative merits of Brigham pipes. Being in Canada, they are ubiquitous, but not always available in the highest grades or rarer shapes and finishes. I am a booster of the higher grade "Made in Canada" Brighams and am now able to point to...
  12. pruss

    A Cautionary Tale - Broken Pipe, Ill-Used Widow, Piper of Ill Repute

    So yesterday I received an email from the president of a pipe club in Southwestern Ontario. He and his club are about three hours away from my club, but we are friendly in social media and try to connect as often as possible. His email struck a chord, so I thought I'd share the recent struggle...
  13. pruss

    A Christmas Story

    So here we are on Christmas Eve, and I thought I'd share with you folks a short story I wrote earlier this year for a contest on another forum. Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas, friends. -- Pat A Letter to Santa “Cookies and...
  14. pruss

    Michael Parks Trouter Pipe - Pic Heavy

    I was reading Nate's post about his meteorite impregnated space dog, and was reminded about this pipe which Michael made a few years back. The Trouter pipes are made to be able to be worn on a leather chord around the neck, so if the fisherman hooks into a big one he can drop the pipe without...
  15. pruss

    Ryan Alden Olive Author PAD (Pictures)

    Morning folks. It has been a long time since I've exercised any PAD. Ryan made this pipe to take to the Chicago show and I was enamoured with it. He quietly put it aside and when I was able to buy it, it showed up in my mailbox. This is my first olive wood pipe, and my third Alden. I really...
  16. pruss

    (un)Official Secret Santa 2015

    Greetings and Salutations. First, thanks to Gunnar who has been the keeper of our Secret Santa for the last few years. Gunnar resigned from this post earlier this year do to something called "marriage" and "life" and "work" and I've volunteered to step into his size thirteens (damn, these are...
  17. pruss

    Annual Summer Pipe Fest @ Michael Parks' Workshop (Picture Heavy)

    Good morning, Magazonia. Last Saturday marked the annual end of summer pipe fest hosted by Michael Parks and put on, jointly, by the Lakeshore Smokestacks and Downtown Toronto Pipe Club(s). This is the second year of the event and we are seeing a steady increase in attendance. The event ran...
  18. pruss

    Standard Tobacco Co. of Penn's New Blends - PRuss' Compiled Snapshot Reviews

    Lassitude. Sloth. I have been smoking these samples for three weeks, and have yet to carve out the time to post this. Thanks to the guys from STC of P, especially Woodsroad, who managed to magically produce these tobacco samples in my mailbox. Condor, did you have your yacht out in Lake...
  19. pruss

    Blatter & Blatter Collection - Refurb In Progress

    Hey gang. Some of you have been asking about this collection which I purchased last year... ... and my progress on cleaning them up and turning them around. Well, with the birth of Megan, a major work transition, and a two month trip to New Zealand over the subsequent monts, I've been sloth...
  20. pruss

    GKCPC 2016 - Carver Contest Shape - The Author!

    So the GKCPC dropped the announcement of the 2016 Carver Contest in the wee small hours of the morning. Given the love for the Prince, I thought we might see the same for the Author. So let's see your favourite Authors! Kaywoodie 13b Drinkless Ryan Alden Makes a Mean Author (not my pipe)...