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  1. romeowood

    News Item of Note

    As some of you may know I'm a bit of a tobacco sleuthing fan, and this turned up on my radar: Mummies were smokin'.
  2. romeowood

    Drought Stemmed Production of Large Corncob Pipes

    An interesting tidbit from the InterWebs--and a real stretch for the headline. I don't think anyone needs to worry overmuch about stockpiling cobs for TEOTWAWKI, but it never hurts to add one or two more to the collection.... :puffy:
  3. romeowood

    Wholesomely Disturbing

    It's 4-star brilliant, and funny in that biting, cringing, satirical way that makes it more than the sum of its disparate parts. It deserves its own thread. Taxi Driver was a social commentary on the immediately post-Vietnam American mind; this guy Bryan Boyce has subtly updated it to speak to...
  4. romeowood

    Kaywoodie Christmas 2011 / NE Regional Slow Smoke Competition Pipe

    Pictured is one of the nine natural finish pipes from this year's Kaywoodie event (which was great fun). I can't say the special finish helped my time much, but it sure is a great looking, and smoking, pipe. Many thanks again to SM Frank & Bill Feuerbach for hosting (and for making my favorite...
  5. romeowood

    The shape of things to come

    Denmark has introduced what is believed to be the world's first fat tax - a surcharge on foods that are high in saturated fat. It's happening, make no mistake. The same measures are being drawn up in localities across the US, as well as for such dastardly agents as sugar, caffeine, and a host of...
  6. romeowood

    What a Drip!

    Uncle Arthur, all I can say is... :worship:
  7. romeowood

    Don't spill tobacco

    I received a sizable order today from and set about to jarring vast quantities of tobacco. One word of caution: if you employ the short stoveing technique I've espoused here in the forum (heating the jars to around 205'F in the oven before lidding), make sure you don't spill...
  8. romeowood

    PM Message system borked?

    Has anyone else noticed that private messages sometimes frequently go unanswered / undelivered? I've had a heck of a time trying to communicate with a dozen people over pm with these retorts; either they don't receive my messages or I don't receive theirs a good 20% of the time. System overload...
  9. romeowood

    1010 wins?

    Well I just realized I've passed my thousandth post milestone...and I'm wondering when I can expect my decoder ring and other schwag. Also, where does the initiation ritual take place, and am I supposed to bring my own goat or will one be provided?
  10. romeowood

    A summer without Peterson... no summer at all! I've been pretty patient with you, Peterson tobacco, but here it is almost September and I've yet to see your summmertime blend at any retailers in the States. What gives? I've asked all my favorite online shops, and they think it's on order...but that's all the info I'm...
  11. romeowood

    Don't underestimate the power of the Dark Side (Latakia, that is).

    I spent a good deal of time this summer with my neighbor in his back yard; after-work evenings when I could enjoy a pipe while we chatted, while I watched him do yard work, and while he would smoke his American Spirits. Last night he finally succumbed to the wonderful aromas I always produce and...
  12. romeowood

    BBB vs. JasonGone

    I've meant to post these forever (at least a month I think) but I unfortunately fell into that quagmire of worketcetera. Jason posted pics of the VFQ that brought a tear to my eye; man I miss that pipe. My only consolation is that he took one of my semi-regular smokers--a BBB Classic De Luxe...
  13. romeowood

    Peterson Special Reserve 2010 review

    My final review for the day before my mouth is too confused to think, here is my take on Peterson Special Reserve 2010, also posted on Brand: Peterson Blend: Special Reserve 2010 
 Blender: Kohlhase, Kopp & Co. Type: Aromatic Country: IE Cut: Ribbon Cure: Air cured...
  14. romeowood

    Peterson Holiday 2010 Review

    As promised, the Peterson Christmas Holiday tobacco review, as posted on Brand: Peterson Blend: Holiday 2010 
 Blender: Kohlhase, Kopp & Co. Type: Aromatic Country: IE Cut: Broad Ribbon Cure: Air cured Tobaccos: Virginia, Black Cavendish, Burley Strength: Mild...
  15. romeowood

    Peterson Sweet Killarney Review

    Almost made it through a review without formatting issues...oi vey. Here's my review of Peterson Sweet Killarney, also posted on Brand: Peterson Blend: Sweet Killarney 
 Blender: Kohlhase, Kopp & Co. Type: Aromatic Country: IE Cut: Ribbon Cure: Air cured...
  16. romeowood

    Sterling Sweet Briar review

    Alas, the formatting gods hate me. I went to the extraordinary pain of writing a review sans apostrophe, only to have the dreaded blackbox characters point out my egregious oversights of using...em dashes! 8O Can we get a smiley for banging one's head against a wall? So here it is, also posted...
  17. romeowood

    Escudo Navy De Luxe review

    Spending the afternoon with my tobacco notebook and catching up on writing reviews. This is posted (apparently twice; once with pictures and once without...formatting gods, HALP!) at luxury tobacco reviews here. Let me know what y'all think, there are a few more in the works. Brand: A&C Peterson...
  18. romeowood

    Spain and Scotland pipe smokers--info needed!

    Hello European smokers! I have a friend who is traveling to Barcelona and Scotland this month, and have asked him to pick up some tobaccos that are not available in the US. So, please let post what to have him look for, I am woefully ignorant of the subject.
  19. romeowood

    GLPease Cairo Review

    Hey gang, I've been buried under various obligations lately and so absent from the boards, but I caught up today and posted a review over at luxury tobacco it is in its entirety. And, um, I hate to mention it but the formatting always seems to get borked on the review site...
  20. romeowood

    CAO Cherry Bomb Review

    Posted at I've been keeping notes pretty obsessively, and decided it was about time to start posting some of my reviews. So, here goes! Brand: CAO
 Blend: Cherry Bomb
 Blender: Scandinavian Tobacco Group for CAO International Type: Aromatic—Cherry
 Tin Description...