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  1. blendtobac

    A Group Thank You

    We were sitting around the office talking about the holidays and started thinking about the various groups, forums, and clubs in the pipe world. We get feedback from a lot of the groups, both good and bad, but there’s no such thing as bad communication because we always learn things from our...
  2. blendtobac

    P&C Pre-July 4th Goodie Bag

    I don't often post about specials on P&C, but I wanted to let our Pipes Magazine friends know that we're doing free goodie bags on purchases of $79 or more for the first 400 customers. We've already moved through 120, but I wanted to let you all know before they're gone. Russ
  3. blendtobac

    The Mystery of Flavors

    As I looked at some reviews of some of my blends, I've come to realize that some combinations bring forth flavors that many people insist are toppings, but they aren't. A few examples are that people taste chocolate or cocoa in Chatham Manor. The only top-dressings in that blend are Bourbon and...
  4. blendtobac

    Sneak Peek

    Hey folks, you know that I rarely start a thread, especially regarding items for sale on P&C, but with everything going on right now, there are a raft of new blends that will be hitting the market, and we've gathered them all together in one place to make it easy to see what's happening. Take a...
  5. blendtobac

    IPCPR, CAA and CRA File Suit Against FDA

    I just received an email that states that the IPCPR, CAA and CRA have filed a joint lawsuit against the FDA and are asking for an injunction to stop the implementation of the deeming regulations due to unfair or illegal elements of the regulations. Here are some notes... Russ
  6. blendtobac

    PAX Tobacco Crawl With Russ Ouellette

    Hi folks. I've selected the four tobaccos for the April Tobacco Crawl. The first is my own personal blend which I recreated from a blend I made back in the seventies. It's called Magnum Opus and is a complex Balkan-style with the addition of some Perique for a fuller body. The next one is...
  7. blendtobac

    Sometimes You Get What You Ask For

    When I moved to Bethlehem, PA after was acquired, one of the cool things was that we were now a "sister" company to Lane and Orlik. After that, some of you asked if I could see what could be done about bringing back some discontinued blends. We've been pursuing a number of...
  8. blendtobac

    Captain Black Dark

    I've never put a commercial post on these forums before, but since advertisers on Pipes Magazine are allowed to occasionally do so, I figured this news would qualify as a reasonable exception. We have just released Captain Black Dark to the public for the first time. It will be, for the time...
  9. blendtobac

    The Smoker blends reintroduced in Chicago

    I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the Pipes and booth to say hi to Mel Feldman and grab some samples of the newly re-released versions of his blends. I can tell you that he was a bit overwhelmed by the reception and was thrilled to see many of you who he hadn't spoken...