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    Odd Meerschaum. I Can't Figure Out Origin.

    ARe my pictures not showing up?
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    Odd Meerschaum. I Can't Figure Out Origin.

    I know most of you meer enthusiast will say... "That's a wood pipe"! I thought it was too, at first. But I've lightly sanded the top rim, and I got a light colored powdery dust. It's a heavy pipe. In the bowl chamber I can see the meer color in spots. It was lightly smoked. It has the...
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    Hello from Los Angeles!

    How do I add pictures here?
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    Chick Pipe Smoker Here!

    OK... there's a lady in the house! Everybody put there pants on! Ok, now that you've been warned... I have been smoking myself for just a couple years. It started with my Dad. He was an avid smoker and collector, and climbing on to his lap while he smoked his favorite pipe (a Barling) was...