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  1. kickinbears

    MM Charles Towne Cobs Back In Stock

    Heard from Marilyn at Missouri Meerschaum that the Charles Towne is back in stock as of Tue (07/17/18). I missed the last production round in May; just placed my order for one right before posting this as I’ve been wanting one :puffy:
  2. kickinbears

    Samuel Gawith FVF Tin (2008) Rusting

    I was going through my cellar and noticed that there was some rust on the bottom of a SG FVF tin and edge of the lid, so decided to break the seal and jar. After opening, I’m really glad I did. There was quite a bit of rusting on the inside of the tin as well. Thankfully no contamination...
  3. kickinbears

    MM Freehand - experinces?

    Just curious to hear how the MM Freehand cob smokes from those that own one. They’re back in stock, and I was thinking about picking up one in natural red as a flake pipe. Also, any idea why they are cheaper via SP, tobacco pipes, etc? I’m seeing no incentive to buy direct from MM; in fact...
  4. kickinbears

    Sleeper English Blends

    What sleeper engligh blend(s) do you recommend? To add a little structure / definition to this, plz don’t recommend a blend that has more than 50 reviews @ (as of your post) Quick link if you need to check:
  5. kickinbears

    Purchasing A New Pipe Online - Experiences?

    I’ve never bought a new pipe online. Always via B&M For those that have, what is QA like? Are the holes drilled well? Any issues with finish damage and/or chips? I spend a lot of time looking over pipes in a B&M when making a purchase. I take the stem off to see in the shank, and look in the...
  6. kickinbears

    Hello, Greetings, and Salutations!

    Long time lurker here ... I’ve spent countless hours reading through these forums, and I feel like I know many of you active posters now (kind of creepy, eh?). I’ve always been a person that listens before speaking, and I guess that’s that’s translated to my delay joining :D I started smoking...