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  1. warren

    Happy St. Steven's Day

    For our valued Irish members. I'm guessing the "Wren Boys" are pretty much grounded by the virus restrictions but, enjoy as much as possible.
  2. warren

    7 December, 'Tis Sad

    I know there were local remembrances. I found no mention, in any of the National media, of the event. I hope, if you live in a "small" market, that some reporter, producer, editor, pundit, etc. acknowledged the dastardly event. I can't believe our National memory are so short. Veteran's...
  3. warren

    Paul Hornung (#5) Dies at 84

    The horrendous end to a life lived fully. Edited by jvnshr: Title
  4. warren

    To Absent Friends

    A wee bit of port and the toast "to absent friends." those of you who know the true meaning of Memorial Day will understand. Join me if you will.
  5. warren

    What Do You Do?

    Over the years various members point out what is happening in their area with regard to legislation addressing tobacco and/or smoking. Some even address that is happening across international borders, either commiserating with or condemning the choices made in other countries. So, my question...
  6. warren

    Happy Birthday

    Enjoy, all of you "Devil Dogs." And, thanks!
  7. warren

    Happy Birthday!

    To all of you "Devil Dogs" and, thanks for your service!
  8. warren

    The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, Dead Bert Reynolds

    RIP He packed a lot of life into his life.
  9. warren

    Change of Mind

    This will only matter to those still around who were involved in the discussion. I concede! 70/30 it is!
  10. warren

    US Women's Hockey Team

    They couldn't win the game. But, they took gold in a skills competition. Good on them! I hate "shootouts!" A TV gimmick or All-stad weekend exhibition is hardly hockey. Of course I'm an old, beat up goalie.
  11. warren

    Big Changes Coming, Maybe

    I am officially an old man. I now have my very own cardiologist! He's a great guy, very pragmatic and understanding of man's foibles. Seventy years of dissolute living and now the piper is asking for his due. I have an enlarged, congested heart. The question now is, how much will I be...
  12. warren

    Pipe Purchase Motivation

    In another thread I tried, in my usual clumsy manner, to explain how/why I buy a pipe. This led me to wonder about the motivation of others when they purchase such. Is it a "need" to acquire? A desire to enlarge the rotation? I understand perfectly the motivation of those who collect...
  13. warren

    Michael Douglas - Dead

    Just thought I'd note it.
  14. warren

    BBC Blows One I believe they are talking about the northernmost point in the contiguous United States. Not the continental United States. Alaska is indeed on the same continent as the all the other states excepting Hawaii. I mention this...
  15. warren

    Duke With a Cob

    Always love it when Ford has Wayne smoking. An old favorite is on and he's switching between cobs and briars. I won't spoil it for those too young to know which movie. You kids will just have to hunt for it.
  16. warren

    Who? Closed Threads

    Which currant member holds the record for causing the most thread closings and/or removals? I'm not asking about threads in which the mod simply tired of the thread or, the need to monitor the thread. We can count threads which were obviously going to be closed based on the original post or a...
  17. warren

    Arnie - Dead at 87

    I sure am gonna miss his smile and good nature. A great run for a great guy. That he was internationally known by only his first name speaks more eloquently than anything I can write.
  18. warren


    Rainy night here. I'm bored. What follows is the punchline to one of my favorite jokes. "Welllll, I'd pet him first him first," suggested the first drunk. "And make sure he's friendly." Anyone else?
  19. warren

    War Horse Tins

    P&C, as you read this, or maybe tomorrow, is primping 5 tins of "the Horse" for a flight to Alaska.
  20. warren

    Was in My Office This Morning