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  1. simong

    Plugs, Flakes & Ganja Grinders.

    Although I've always preferred the dark flake over the green herb, I was inquisitive about these grinders used by the 'buzz heads'. I've been using one for a couple of years now & think they're great. Perfect for plugs, rewarding you with a much different cut, than you'd get from rubbing out by...
  2. simong

    Possibly the 'poshest' plug?

    I've always thought that plugs, years ago would have been the go-to tobacco for the 'working man'. They were then, unlike now cheaper than flakes & ready rubbed mixtures. Also you needed to have a knife on you all the time. Knives now as then, a necessary tool for most working men. So I was...
  3. simong

    Humbled by a Texan!

    A while ago, a fellow forum member asked me for my address here in England. Just said he'd like to send me something's to try. Apart from thinking what a nice gesture from someone I don't know, didn't think much of it. Then last week a sizeable box arrived. When I opened it, couldn't believe the...
  4. simong

    When a pipe nails a blend!

    I'm not alone I'm sure, I keep the odd pipe by just for use with one particular favoured blend. One blend I always keep jarred up somewhere is G&H rich dark honeydew. Always on hand when I fancy a sweet smoke. Up until now I always used my comoys virgin briar exclusively for that blend. As I've...
  5. simong

    Show off your blakemar's here.

    With quite a few forum members recently getting aboard the blakemar train, thought it would be nice to see what everyone's got, on one thread. Here's mine which I've gotten over the last 7-8 years or so. I thought I had a couple more, but no that's it. Good excuse to get a couple more anyway...
  6. simong

    Stem bleaching question.

    After reading about cleaning stems with bleach, I decided to give it a go, with mixed results. Placed 6 stems in a cup. Half bleach/half tap water. Left to soak overnight. Two came out good as new, the remaining 4 were left with a white blanched look. No amount of rubbing with stem polish seems...
  7. simong

    My Canadian Christmas.

    Two eagle eyed fellow forum members, having noticed I missed out on this years 'secret Santa' decided to surprise me with these. Apologies for the poor photo, but these beauties smoke a lot better than they look in the photo. I've been smoking these more or less non stop, since they arrived...
  8. simong

    Christmas greetings & smokes. From your part of the world.

    Wishing everybody a merry Christmas, from Hereford here in good old England. Smoking the lovely Bengal slices in an even lovelier Canadian Canadian (cheers @davet!) sherry on the side. Lots & lots of marvellous sherry!
  9. simong

    Christmas treat to myself. Vintage TAD

    Anyone here remember these blends?
  10. simong

    Hits & misses from 2016

    HITS. MISSES. Mclellands beacon. Carter hall Escudo. Mclellands honeydew Bengal slices. Haddos delight Germains medium flake. Reiners long golden flake Mahogany flake...
  11. simong

    Canadians rock!

    Having missed the deadline for the secret Santa, a very kind gent from Canada enquired after my address, & sent off a parcel containing various tobaccos & an unsmoked lovely Canadian pipe. How nice is that? Always had a soft spot for Canada. Ever since I had an extremely enjoyable & passionate...
  12. simong

    2016! A good year to see the back of?

    With the new year approaching it struck me, I can't remember a year where so many famous people have passed away. From pop stars & actors to comedians, from David Bowie & lemmy to Ronnie Corbett & Victoria wood. They've all gone west. Also we've lost a few decent blends of tobacco as well...
  13. simong

    Maltan 'a grand tobbacco'.

    One of the joys of being a pipesmoker for me, is the unexpected discovery of a tobbacco that surprises & pleases the tastebuds. When you think you've covered most genres/blends & then 'BANG' you try a blend you know you'll want in your rotation forever. Thanks to this forum, I was just...
  14. simong

    An idiots review: GH brown pigtail

    Having always had a preference for the stronger blends, I nonchalantly set about puffing this innocent looking rope. Here is my review: If you are 6'6 hands like shovels,balls the size of water melons & lungs like a blue whale, this could be considered an all day smoke. If you don't have to...
  15. simong

    F&T pipes, opinions?

    After seeing a few members here post photos of theirs, mostly stacks/canted dublins/cutty shapes. I thought I'd ask the question, do they smoke as good as they look?
  16. simong

    Something old/something new.

    With a lot of members on this forum going on about aged tobacco, thought I'd share a photo of some aged tobacco. Along with a new pipe (blakemar cutty) & a fresh pint of ale. All made in England.
  17. simong

    Berlin tobacconists? (Germany)

    Hello everyone, I shall be working in Berlin next week. Never been before, so I thought I'd ask our learned brethren of the forum. Anyone recommend a good tobacconist? Hopefully I'll get the chance to try some of these 'Dan blends', which seem to be so popular with many of you. Thanks in...
  18. simong

    I-Pad photo question.

    Having decided it would be much more fun to post with photos on this forum, I have a question. I only have an I-pad, I have tried to no avail to post photos before. Is it possible? If it is, I would love to find out how. Many thanks in advance of any reply/info.
  19. simong

    Best Canadian?

    After some thought & deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that after purchasing over 80 pipes in the last 2 years, I have a problem with PAD. So, I have decided to buy no more pipes! With the sole exception of the Canadian style, as I only have 4 in that genre. What would you guys...
  20. simong

    Bastards! They've had st. Bruno's dog away!

    Just bought my latest pouch of st. Bruno, the health warning now increased to 'top billing' on the front. Covering about 80% with the st. Bruno name at the very bottom of the pouch. Up until now, the inside of the pouch was adorned with the normal st. Bruno graphics, & the faithful ever present...