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  1. tjsgarden

    Tamping And The Bottom Of The Bowl?

    Greetings, I actually enjoy the attentive art of pipe tamping. I am careful not to overly compress the tobacco beneath the ashes and embers. I have mixed thoughts when I get near the bottom of the bowl. When there is a mixture of dottle, ash and a small amount unburned tobacco, I usually use a...
  2. tjsgarden

    How "NOT" to Inhale Smoke?

    Greetings! I am 66 years old and have a long history of smoking cigarettes. It is important to me to NOT inhale smoke into my windpipe or lungs. I am very careful to relax my breathing pace and sip (like sipping on a straw) a very small amount of smoke into my mouth. I exhale in a slow...
  3. tjsgarden

    The Pipe Smoking Journey

    Hello Everyone, I am enjoying the topics and information shared in the forums. I am sharing a video others may enjoy, especially beginners, (and the rest of us) pipe smokers. I hope others will share thoughts and opinions. Here is the link: John
  4. tjsgarden

    What Are Your Favorite 'Sipping' Tobaccos???

    Hello Everyone, I usually smoke three bowls a day. I mostly smoke twisted flake tobaccos in a medium briar or cob. My greatest enjoyment comes from a slow rate of puffing small whiffs of smoke over an extended period of time. I look for tobaccos that have subtle and complex flavors that...
  5. tjsgarden

    Using Paste Wax On Briars???

    Hello everyone. I have a can of Miniwax Paste Finishing Wax and wanted to know if it would be OK to use for briar pipes. Are there other recommendations that can be found at Home Depot or Walmart? THANKS
  6. tjsgarden

    A Deeper Smoking Experience

    Hello Everyone, My name is John. I am 64 years young and moved from Arkansas to West Monroe, LA about a year ago. I have smoked a pipe on and off since age 18. Now I try to be more aware and introspective while smoking. I usually prefer non aromatic tobaccos with subtle qualities that...