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  1. crashthegrey

    Brand New Pipe Show in Upstate NY (Saturday November 16th)

    My company Greywoodie is throwing a first pipe show in upstate NY. Did you miss the West Coast Pipe Show? I sure did. So I am throwing one here in upstate NY on November 16th from noon to five at Secret Caverns in Cobleskill, NY. It is outdoors but we have cover and heaters. Indoor bathrooms, no...
  2. crashthegrey

    Rain Pipe

    I hesitate to take smooth pipes out in the rain, or even sandblasts that I really like. So I have a Kaywoodie Natural Burl whose stinger was cut before I acquired it. Between that and the craggy, thorny finish, it has become my rainy day and farm pipe. Do you guys worry about the rain and the...
  3. crashthegrey

    Took the Plunge

    So with my recent negative situations, I have fully committed to trying to make it all a positive experience. With my love of Kaywoodie pipes, I have gone full time into selling new Kaywoodie pipes, among others which I will add over time. This isn't a sales post, so no website. I just wanted to...
  4. crashthegrey

    Kaywoodie Collection and Update

    Hey guys, sorry about being so absent lately. I have been through a few things. I lost my job due to the loss of a major client at the firm and took some time to reflect on life. Rather than going back to the grind I am starting a company that I have thought about for years. In the meantime, a...
  5. crashthegrey

    Peterson's Old Crock Tobacco

    Has anyone ever had or heard about this tobacco outside of the one fleabay sale ever? I'm just wondering if this is a singular oddity or if this was a more well known tobacco at some point. I'm thinking oddity.
  6. crashthegrey

    New Kaywoodie Pipes available

    Since I mentioned it and so many were interested, the website kept not being updated. Jock has now listed the new and exciting Kaywoodie pipes that he has at WV Smokeshop . There are Straight Grain, Virgin Grain, Gemini, and Unique pipes listed now. These are new lines or very rarely offered...
  7. crashthegrey

    Kaywoodie Collection Boxes Checked

    One simple mail day checked many Kaywoodie boxes. I have wanted an Embassy, made only a couple of years. I managed to score one in near unsmoked condotion in a lot with a Relief Grain, but also a Standard predecessor of the Embassy which is completely unsmoked. And a friend gifted me a 1970's...
  8. crashthegrey

    The Real Frog Morton

    Who was the real Frog Morton? P&C claims that it is named after a place in the Shire from Tolkien, Mary McNiel admits that Barry Levin named it, and she imagined that Frog Morton was a Victorian frog. Then wolflarsen posts this:I have to wonder if Mary or Barry subconsciously remembered this...
  9. crashthegrey

    New Kaywoodie Pipes

    It seems every few days someone is shocked that Kaywoodie is not a drugstore pipe with a stinger. For years the company has made push tenon pipes, except for the tiny Campus line. Each pipe is hand made or finished by the President, a fourth generation pipe maker. Pipes start at about $35, the...
  10. crashthegrey

    Slow Smoke Trophy

    I am very proud to have won the 2018 Northeast Regional Slow Smoke Competition with a time of one hour and twenty three minutes for three grams of tobacco. This holiday party is my favorite event of the year, plus a Holiday Kaywoodie Competition pipe for the cost of entry. The contest is...
  11. crashthegrey

    Broken Pipe - Robert Lopez

    My digital friend and a member of many online pipe groups, Robert Lopez, passed away last night. Although he was not a member of this forum, I felt the need to post, and any of you on Facebook may have known him. He was a retired butcher and a proud man of God. He was incredibly helpful to those...
  12. crashthegrey

    2018 Northeast Regional Pipe Smoking Contest

    I don't see this posted here yet this year. From what I understand it is not quite full yet for contest pipes, but I highly recommend coming even if you don't like the contest. This is my favorite pipe event of the year. This year we are months from the 100 year anniversary of Kaywoodie. I hope...
  13. crashthegrey

    Tea Tasting

    So I love pairing my tea and tobacco. And now I am growing some of both to learn how to process each and all of the nuances. This company is doing a huge giveaway and launching a blind tea tasting subscription. Blind tasting is a cool idea with both tea and tobacco. It is a cool way to figure...
  14. crashthegrey

    Spigot Pipes for a Clencher

    I've been wondering if any clenchers have direct experience with a spigot pipe. I've asked elsewhere and done a search here, but most information is 2 or 3 years old at minimum and I was hoping we'd get some fresh input. It seems some say they never fall apart, but some say that they frequently...
  15. crashthegrey

    Brian McNulty of Anima Pipes Bamboo Pipe

    After listening to the old episode with Brian McNulty and hearing of his all bamboo pipes, I thought, wow, that sounds like an interesting concept. So I come here and see that he's practically gone, few have ever mentioned him, and I can't seem to find any way to get my hands on one of those...
  16. crashthegrey

    New Finish From Tim Thorpe

    I am very excited to own another Tim Thorpe. This time, it is the new finish that pulled me in. He has spent the past 3 or so years developing this technique. All I know is that it takes days to get this driftwood, or "beachwood" as driftwood is found on the beach, finish. It's hard to...
  17. crashthegrey

    A Christmas Miracle

    I am looking to make one. We called for a charity donation goal in an online pipe group, and the winning contributor donated twice what we asked for, $1,000 to Toys for Tots. It turns out that he lost his wife a few months ago and is left with the three children that they fostered and adopted...
  18. crashthegrey

    Thanks for the Conversations

    I see this is post 302, and that I have earned the Senior Member status. I was a silent lurker for a fair amount of time. Once I started actually commenting, the flood gates opened. There have definitely been some odd times on here, but nothing is without controversy. For the most part, I've...
  19. crashthegrey

    Benjamin Hartwell Signature Blend

    I was just at my local B&M and had a discount. I've never had this broken Virginia Flake, and with the discount it seemed like a good opportunity to try something new. As I looked through the tins, it looked like date stamps on the bottom. I found one that said 2003, and there is a bit of a...
  20. crashthegrey

    New Tim Thorpe Commission

    I am very happy with this new commission from Tim Thorpe. It's a Devil Anse in his charred briar contrast finish, expertly blasted and with a moss Ebonite stem. Designed for Virginia tobaccos, especially flakes, it is breaking in really well. He's a hell of a guy to work with as well.