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  1. whiteburleydude

    FS Bells Three Nuns 02/14/21

    Bells Three Nuns 1.75 OZ 10/17 Bells Three Nuns 1.75 OZ 10/15 $55 for both including shipping. US only. Thanks.
  2. whiteburleydude

    Mold or Plume?

    I'm normally pretty good being able to tell the difference between plume and mold. I recently opened a tin of Five O'cock Shadow dated 3/16 and I'm having a hard time. If it is plume, it's the most I have personally seen on pipe tobacco. At first sight I was sure it was mold, I was going to toss...
  3. whiteburleydude

    Charring Light and Wait?

    A lot of people say to pack your pipe normal, give it a charring light, and come back a hour later. The hour wait is said to significantly improve the smoking experience. Not sure what it accomplishes, but it's intriguing. Any opinions?
  4. whiteburleydude

    Haunted Bookshop Flake?

    A lot of people would consider Haunted Bookshop a Hand Blended tobacco. Same goes for blends like Old Joe Krantz and Bayou Morning, two of my other favorites. The difference is that I find remnants of full flakes in Haunted Bookshop, and not in the other two. Why would C&D not offer Haunted...
  5. whiteburleydude

    Christmas Pipes 2018 Savinelli VS Peterson

    Savinelli and Peterson have released their versions of the 2018 Christmas Pipe. What's your favorite between these two? And what is your all time favorite Holiday Pipe?
  6. whiteburleydude

    Replacing P-Lip with Fishtail?

    I have a Peterson 315 System Std P-Lip. Can the P-Lip stem just be swapped out for a fishtail? sells P-lip replacements (out of stock) but mentions, "P-Lip and fishtail stems feature a different taper to their bases, for best fit a P-Lip or fishtail stem should be replaced with...
  7. whiteburleydude

    Vauen Pipe Flaw Inside Bowl

    Out of curiosity and the sake of conversation, I want to get opinions on my new Vauen purchase. It's an entry level acorn shape briar. After a few smokes I noticed a flaw inside the bowl that was not visible previously. There is a small area of briar that has protruded from the smooth surface of...
  8. whiteburleydude

    Anniversary Kake Bulk In Stock

    Anniversary Kake Bulk in stock at P&C and I also saw tins of Firestorm.
  9. whiteburleydude


    Kentucky/VA blends have become some of my favorites lately. Triple Play, Three Nuns, JackKnife, BF #3, etc. I've been picking up a tin here and there when I can to cellar. Everyone knows VA's age great and burley not so much. But what about the combo of KY and VA? Are they worth cellaring for 5+...
  10. whiteburleydude

    Balkan Sobranie at Cup O Joes

    Balkan Sobranie at Cup O limit one. They had Margate too but it looks gone.
  11. whiteburleydude

    Please Help Date McClelland Tin

    I have a tin of Butera Royal Vintage Matured Ribbon and the date code on the bottom is smudged. I took off the label and the code under reads 042880106102325. I'm thinking the date stamp on the bottom might read 80 10 but its hard to tell. I also see the 8010 number pattern in the long code. Can...
  12. whiteburleydude

    Smokers' Haven Tobacco Pre-Order

    Smokers' Haven is taking pre-orders for Exotique Mixture and Cognac Mixture manufactured by JF Germain. I heard Cognac Mixture was the same blend as Esoterica Pembroke, and Exotique is an old Sobranie blend. Anyone have any experiences with Smokers Haven blends? And what is your favorite? I'm...