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  1. warren

    Health Question for the Older Crowd

    Bad breath is indeed indicative of many possible health problems. Also. don't fprget your no doubt stained tongue which, while an appearance problem may hide health problems. Granted nothing may be occurring at this time but, self-diagnosing is certainly not a proper evaluation of your health.
  2. warren

    Water Rinse Cleaning

    I'm guessing the mods have decided to let us play in the sand box a while longer.
  3. warren

    Water Rinse Cleaning

    Everyone, even those without an opinion on a post, open fire when an easy target surfaces. It's the nature of boards.
  4. warren

    Water Rinse Cleaning

    One pays good moneys for a pipe and not one person here has a corner on "the proper treatment of the pipe." Some members go from the sublime to the ridiculous and that's where the humor lays. So, carry on men, even those without a clue add to the fun.
  5. warren

    What Is a Pipe You Regret Not Purchasing?

    I should add that I've regretted some of my purchases after a few bowls but, no regrets regarding pipes not purchased.
  6. warren

    What Is a Pipe You Regret Not Purchasing?

    I've never been such a position. If a pipe catches my eye and, it passes all my tests, I hand the proprietor his cash and never look back.
  7. warren

    Finally! Found The Fly Reel I Wanted (Hopefully)

    I thoroughly enjoy going after Grayling with 1 wt. Have fun!:col:
  8. warren

    Health Question for the Older Crowd

    You are equating the members here with lab rats?rotf
  9. warren

    Health Question for the Older Crowd

    Seems logical as smoking affects the efficiency of the blood supply. If you smoke and/or drink alcohol your erection will be impaired to some extant. And, for all who say it's not a problem. How would one know without quitting smoking/drinking for a few months and comparing performance with...
  10. warren

    Health Question for the Older Crowd

    Weigh the risks and then, if you still want to injure your system, trust your genes and enjoy the burning weed. That's what I did nearly sixty years ago. Any time you do something which reduces the oxygen in your blood is a negative. So, if you still want to make a purely selfish decision and...
  11. warren

    Grams vs Ounces

    Just put a conversion app on your phone and you're good to go. Well, once you figure out how to use the app.
  12. warren

    Ever Hate a Pipe for Reasons Other Than the Way It Smokes?

    It's a problem quickly resolved with a trip to the trash can. Why would an intelligent and discerning individual, let alone every intelligent and discerning individual, let an inanimate object take control of his emotions. Just chuck it and forget it.
  13. warren

    Peterson Derry Rustic 408 aka Retirement Pipe

    Enjoy the retirement. I retired from my chosen profession back in '87. No complaints so far. Of course I moved into photography so ... I haven't quit work or earning.
  14. warren

    Buying New vs. Estate Pipes

    I've never had an interest in used pipes. I simply do not have the time to clean up after others. I'm not a collector nor do I feel the need to amass pipes simply to amass pipes. Neither would I purchase a pipe "unfondled" so, I only browse pipes in person, scanning displays until one holds my...
  15. warren

    Fuel Flavored Tobacco

    They've done yeoman's duty for me for over sixty years. I just let the flame burn off the taste before applying it to the weed as Zippo suggests.
  16. warren


    I've a preference for Italian composers. German opera is a wee bit ... on the heavy side both in music and libretto.
  17. warren

    What are Your Hobbies and Pastimes?

    Currently it is lexigraphy. I played in the goal for a few years, a few before Plante made the mask acceptable.
  18. warren

    Happy "World No Tobacco Day!"

    Really! Competing in the US with memorial day? Damn! I've not heard of such a day though. I wonder who proclaimed such. I certainly will ignore it!
  19. warren

    Memorial Day

    "To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high..." Tomorrow, for me and many, is to be a day of quiet rememberence and a bit of sorrow for those who were denied a full life. And a reading once or twice of "In Flanders Field."
  20. warren

    Morbid Question

    I've been dead, according to the nurse and her crew, 20 minutes plus, apparently not long enough to be able to answer any of "life's great questions." Actually, many people have experienced "NDE" (Near Death Experience) with many stories to relate. The related events are eerily similar in many...