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  1. DonutLuvr

    Gawith Hoggarth 1-8-21

    Just giving everyone a heads up, Mars just dropped their GH. Looks like only 500g boxes currently. There’s so many I want to try I haven’t had a chance yet, but I went with one box of Bobs Chocolate Flake knowing that I love it! Hope to get some tins or 2 oz samples of others in the future.
  2. DonutLuvr

    Recovering from Covid- Smoking?

    I came down with covid around November 11-12. I stopped smoking November 13 as I noticed my sense of taste and smell left me. I’ve physically recovered from Covid, minus my sense of taste and smell still being effected. I tried smoking a pipe twice within the last few days But just couldn’t...
  3. DonutLuvr

    My Cellar Suggestions

    I started my pipe journey late last summer and have tried many, many different blends. I currently have 48 pint jars filled with many different blends from Virginia’s, VaPers, English blends to some Aromatics. And I have 20 various tins tucked away for aging as well as a decent chunk of...
  4. DonutLuvr

    Need Recommendations

    I’m venturing over from the cigar world and need recommendations on what to try next. With cigars, I enjoy full flavored cigars with strong nic content and pepper, earth, cocoa, barnyard type tastes. Generally enjoy Most Nicaraguan cigars. With pipe tobacco, I’ve only tried a few aromatics...
  5. DonutLuvr

    Greetings from Cincinnati area!

    Just joined tonight and bought I’d introduce myself! I’m a longtime cigar smoker, and my experience with pipes in the past about 20 years ago before the Internet forums and YouTube was very limited. I recently picked up a little starter pipe kit and tried a blend I won on the devil site aka...