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  1. whiteburleydude

    Mac Baren Burley London Blend

    Bottom line, a purchase from costs me more than any other website. Slice it and dice it how ever you want. I'm not going to volunteer to pay more taxes, sorry. Between federal, state, local, property, gas and sales tax, I'm already getting taxed around 35-40% I'd estimate. I'm...
  2. whiteburleydude

    Big Up for 4 Noggins

    I also like the site. It was shaky for a bit under the new owner. My only complaint would be the ridiculous prices he charges for consignments. And my believe he “consigns” his own tobacco shipments (ie Esoterica, Germain). Which is kinda shady. But I have no proof of that, besides the fact that...
  3. whiteburleydude

    Mac Baren Burley London Blend

    I only buy when from smokingpipes when I have no choice. Their taxes are the highest out of any website I’ve checked. When there is still a couple decent sites that have no tax at all, the only reason to shop smokingpipes is for their exclusives.
  4. whiteburleydude

    Phrases, Words and Mispronunciations That Bother You

    Tony Romo said "Xspecially" like 10 times during the Super Bowlt this year. Luckily, only 100 million people were watching. :oops:
  5. whiteburleydude

    FS Bells Three Nuns 02/14/21

    Bells Three Nuns 1.75 OZ 10/17 Bells Three Nuns 1.75 OZ 10/15 $55 for both including shipping. US only. Thanks.
  6. whiteburleydude

    What Kind Of Whisky To Ease This Pain

    You didn't know pipes don't bounce?
  7. whiteburleydude

    Pipe Screens

    I've broken in brand new pipes that smoke dry with no cake. And I've smoked pipes with well formed cake that smoke wet. Personally, I prefer the taste of tobacco to the taste of burning wood, so I like to keep a light cake. My preference.
  8. whiteburleydude

    Hooray, Mail Came Today. First Impressions

    Sorry to sound like a nerd, but Elves don't smoke in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If i remember right, they detest it. Never understood why they named a pipe after them. OK.. turning nerd mode off now.
  9. whiteburleydude

    In Memory of Matches860

    We are asking a lot for a blend? C&D shoots em out like hotcakes. What do they have, something like 300-400 different blends? And that's just active blends.
  10. whiteburleydude

    IPSD 2019

    Agree. It takes 20-25% to get my attention. 10% isn't going to motivate me to buy, unless I was on the fence about making an order.
  11. whiteburleydude


    You can buy Lane for $25 a pound.
  12. whiteburleydude

    Mold or Plume?

    I did smoke some. No nasty taste from the tin or from the smoke. I've smoked some moldy Haunted Bookshop by accident before and it was musty and sour. It definitely shows some crystals. I also see a grayish/green tint in the sunlight. I think my final opinion is going to be that this tobacco has...
  13. whiteburleydude

    Mold or Plume?

    I'm normally pretty good being able to tell the difference between plume and mold. I recently opened a tin of Five O'cock Shadow dated 3/16 and I'm having a hard time. If it is plume, it's the most I have personally seen on pipe tobacco. At first sight I was sure it was mold, I was going to toss...
  14. whiteburleydude

    IM Corona Old Boy review

    I own a Old Boy and I love it. If I HAD to criticize it, there are a few minor issues. When I close the fuel cap, I have to push it ever so slightly down with my thumb, or I feel like fluid might escape when it's not in use. Mine is the gold plated version, and there is a carbon build up that...
  15. whiteburleydude


    Welcome to the hobby. Hit some of your local tobacco shops and see if you can score some aged tins to get you started. If not, fresh tobacco is just as good or even better sometimes.
  16. whiteburleydude

    A pleasant Sour & Salty taste...

    Get used to it. I think its just a fact of life when it comes to pipe smoking. I can smoke the same blend 10 times and have a different opinion of it every time. One day its my favorite blend and the next day, meh. I think there are SO many variables that effect how your pipe tastes. Everything...