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    Candy Like Sweet Aromatics Recommendations Please

    An odd recommendation for sure, but Captain Black Grape. It tastes exactly like grape soda.
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    Your favourite Missouri meerschaum?

    I have quite a few MM corn cobs, but if I had to choose, my favorite would probably be my naked Morgan. It's a great size, and I like the nice thick walls. The Country Gentleman would probably be my 2nd favorite.
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    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    In my experience the weakest point on a modern/ current production Dr. Grabow is the abs stem. I find that I can chew them up quite well. I have three current production Grabows, and I believe 3 vintage ones. The vintage ones are simply vastly superior to the currently produced ones. In their...
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    Brebbia - Why Aren't They More Popular?

    I just ordered this Brebbia from Smoking Pipes, it is a Mara Bianca, which is a limewood stummel finished white, with a Meerschaum chamber. I am anxious to get my hands on it, liking the Author shapes, and being curious about meerschaum chambers:
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    Quality/Cheap Tobacco Brands

    Also worth noting, just about all bulks by the major vendors I would consider to be budget friendly, as they are only typically $2-$4 an ounce; I only smoke about a bowl a day so an ounce of tobacco will last me weeks. So if you figure an ounce lasts for 14 bowls worth of smoking, and it costs...
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    Quality/Cheap Tobacco Brands

    Lane, Peter Stokabye, Newminister, and Sutliff all make some good quality bulks that are well regarded by many such as: Lane 1Q Lane BCA Lane Dark Red (one of the few palatable cherry blends) Lane BS-005 Lane Crown Achievement Lane Medal of Valor PS English Oriental Supreme PS Luxury Navy...
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    Savinelli 320 ks

    I have a 320 KS, and a 321. The 320 KS is growing on me, but my first thought was that it is much too large. I think any future purchases are likely to be a 321 as I prefer the small size.
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    What's Your Take on this Nording?

    That pipe is thoroughly ugly. I think the shape is ugly, and the paint makes it doubly so. That's a big HECK NO!!
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    Looking for first Meerschaum

    I don't yet have a Meer either, and was strongly looking at the AKB from Smoking Pipes. Anyone who own one have an opinion?
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    Best Pipe Shop In Your Area

    Paul's Pipe Shop in Flint, MI is about a 40 minute drive for me. They are like Mecca for pipe smokers, being literally wall to wall pipes, and a treasure trove of all things NOS. They also have very wonderful blends made in house. Unfortunately, not much in the way of a lounge to hang out in...
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    Forever Stems Now For Non-filtered MM Cobs.

    To clarify what the O.P. meant when posting this thread, Forever Stems are now available for Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes that were originally sold as filtered from the factory (Legend, Country Gentleman, Diplomat, many more), as well as those sold as unfiltered (Morgan, Marcus, Huck Finn...
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    MM Cobs As Permanent Pipes

    I used to smoke cobs almost exclusively, I never burned out a cob, but had one or two that I retired, because they looked super ugly; although they still smoked great. All of the cobs I regularly smoke (which is probably around 10 of the larger bowl cobs) all now have Forever Stems, or the MM...
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    OTC burley blends - differences?

    I think SWR and LL Ready Rub have the most pure tobacco taste. SWR has a granola like consistency that is quite interesting.
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    Cheers for Good B&M's

    Paul's is awesome! I can't imagine there are that many pipe stores on it's level left in the US. It's literally wall to wall pipes! If you are looking for something NOS there is great likelihood to find it here!
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    Nolan’s - Traverse City Michigan

    Redone, make sure your visit Paul's Pipe Shop soon. It's an amazing shop!! Literally wall to wall pipes, owner claims he has thousands of pipes stored in various parts of the shop. It's a treasure trove of lot of NOS items!
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    Does Any Pipemaker Still Use Stingers/Condensers?

    Fortunately the concept has finally fallen out of favor. In my experience, stingers actually cause gurgling the very thing they are supposed to prevent. Even Kaywoodie has finally done away with them! All new production for the last 2-3 years has been without the dreaded stinger that can't be...
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    How long would a missouri meerschaum cobbit dwarf and shire smoke?

    The Dwarf is most like that of the Morgan, and the Morgan is a 30-40 minute smoke for me. The Shire, has similar dimensions to a Legend which is around 40 minutes for me. I have cobs that are Huck Finn sized, and those are about a 30 minute smoke for me.
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    $10 Zippos at Walmart with Pipe Insert

    Weed just became legal in Michigan, so maybe Walmart is targeting that market?
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    New Kaywoodie Pipes available

    Note, that there are also now WV Smokeshop house pipes that are finished by Kaywoodie: WV Smokeshop House Pipes
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    $10 Zippos at Walmart with Pipe Insert

    I was at my local Walmart last night, and noticed the $10 Zippo they usually have in the rack next to the candy on every lane now has the pipe insert!! That's a stellar deal considering the pipe Zippo I purchased from the rotating display of Zippos in the jewelry department was $30 last year.