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    Pipe App

    Hey fellow pipe aficionados! I have been mulling something over in my head for a while and thought I'd share the idea. I have been keeping a pipe tobacco journal with me and while I do enjoy the physical aspect of putting pen on paper sometimes it can be difficult when out and about. The idea of...
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    Colibri Lighter?

    Does anyone have any reviews or issues with older model (80s) Colibri lighters? I'm looking to pick up a solid lighter while I save up for an Old Boy.
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    What Would You Do?

    Greeting fellow pipe aficionados! I am wanting your input for a soon to be purchase with two major online retailers. I am located in Dallas, Texas and unfortunately there is a lack of brick and mortar stores with a good supply near me. So I am looking at ordering a pretty large order for me...
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    Hello fellow friends from afar! My name is Charles and I am very happy to be a part of the community! I am trying to become more experienced with different blends. Currently have tried and enjoy pretty much anything from McClelland, Bengal slices, Bijou from C&D, Aperitif from Dunhill, London...
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    Tasting The Tobacco

    Relatively new pipe smoker here (off and on for about a year). I am wondering when in your cadence you taste the tobacco the most. It seems as if during the inhale I taste nothing unless I partially am breathing in through my nose while inhaling through my mouth as well. I get a good taste on...
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    First Pipe

    Anyone ever have any luck with carver A.Çevik. In my life I usually stand by if it sounds to good to be true but there some good deals on eBay from what I can see. Anyone have any experience?