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  1. aquadoc

    Visiting Pipes And Cigars And Pennsylvania

    I am driving to Reading, Pennsylvania this weekend for one of my daughters graduation ceremony. Is P&C open to the public? Other must visit shops?
  2. aquadoc

    My First Castellos

    I received, for my birthday, 2 Castellos. One is an Antiquari and the other is a Sea Rock. I have no idea what the Ks stand for but these both have 4 of them. The Antiquari is smoking some WCC 558 flawlessly. An awesome surprise!
  3. aquadoc

    Finally Made It To Watch City Cigars!

    We were in Boston this past weekend and I had time to stop at WCC. Ernie was in the shop and I cannot say enough about how incredibly nice he is. Picked up a couple of pounds and some ounces of various blends and cannot believe it has taken me this long to try Old Dominion and 558. And his...
  4. aquadoc

    Broken Pipe - Rolando Negoita

    Rolando passed away yesterday. I will leave to those that knew him, the responsibility of remembrance. I know that he is the kind of person I would love to have had as a friend. From what I have read, he attacked life, whether making pipes or ice climbing, with the gusto we all wish we had in...
  5. aquadoc

    Covid and Wear Your Masks!

    Covid sucks. My 23 yr old daughter contracted Covid (17 days ago) and is not considered viral/contagious. In other words, she is out of quarantine. She is now on the way to the Emergency room and will most likely be admitted for pulmonary issues related to Covid. Our oldest son was deployed...
  6. aquadoc

    Keep Puffing Boys, Keep Puffing

    Strike a match
  7. aquadoc

    Blends Lost and Fly Fishing

    I cut up some Velvan Plug to smoke in my GBD Granitan lumberman, donned a heavy jacket for the 9F windchill, and had a beautiful night smoke in the forest under a Wolf moon. The coyotes are out and about and we had a fox or two on our downstairs patio. It makes me bummed to think about how...
  8. aquadoc

    How Many Have Had The No Label Mystery?

    I am moving some blends, mostly Latakia, to thick mylar vacuum bags and as I am going through jars, I found this (see photo). No Label, no faded sharpie, nothing. This is from before I began buying bulk Virginia's for the cellar. I do not want to open but guess I should. It was from a tub still...
  9. aquadoc

    Let It Snow Took On A New Meaning For This Transplanted Southerner

    We were absolutely slammed with snow last night until a few hours ago. Between 22-25 inches. I am about to go sit in the garage to watch the boys dig the cars out. HAHAHA....I knew they would be worth the trouble, eventually. This photo was taken early this morning before another 8-10 inches...
  10. aquadoc

    Scotty's Trout Stream Now A Kit?

    When did this begin and what Regulations? See the description at P&C.
  11. aquadoc

    Pocket Knives

    I have always used the pocket knives my dad passed to me and have never felt compelled to collect them. Just another rabbit hole to fall down losing money as I pickup speed. That said, my kids have wanted to get me a Christmas for years and Case XX has a simple green canoe with some blade...
  12. aquadoc

    When Do Retailers Typically Post A "New" Blend For Sale On The Release Date?

    I ask this mainly because I have a full day of work tomorrow and my first chance after 0900 EST to grab some Cringle Flake will not be until 1400 or so if I am lucky. Of course, just before everyone is taking a week off for Thanksgiving, we have funding proposals due. Thank you 2020 for...
  13. aquadoc

    How To Restore A Dawes And Ball Pipe Knife/Tool

    I have a 1930s D&B pipe tool with a case made of nickel. I am sure many of you are more than familiar. Can I polish the nickel with something like Simichrome? Or do you have a better recommendation?
  14. aquadoc

    Has Anyone Tried KB Yoshimi's Izmer?

    I did pull the trigger on this and I do appreciate a subtle bit of topping but rose and strawberry could easily overwhelm. I like Sakura, contrary to some, because of its light approach using cherry blossom and the fact it tastes like tobacco. Hoping this one matches the subtlety.
  15. aquadoc

    My Daughter Taking A Break From Helping Save Us From Covid

    My oldest who is a research scientist in Denver working on Covid-19 and other nasties. She is taking a break this weekend by summiting Quandary Peak in Breckenridge, CO. 14200 ft. Said it was a bit windy and cold. Hence the purple lips. Ok, not at all tobacco oriented. Just a proud dad. She...
  16. aquadoc

    Peretti's - What Else Are Must Haves?

    MAde a trip into Boston to drop some snacks and food off for my son's first end of the semester push at BU and made a trip to Peretti's on the way back home. So I have tried the following: Tashkent (My favorite Balkan), Royal (another favorite), Cambridge Flake, Pride of Loch Lomond which I...
  17. aquadoc

    Stokkeybyes New Bulk Blends

    Has anyone had a chance to try the afternoon melange or evening flake?
  18. aquadoc

    Watch City Vs Peretti Blends: What Are Your Favorites?

    I have not tried a Watch City blend but only live an hour or so away from their shop. What are your favorites? I enjoy Peretti's offerings and have only scratched the surface of what they offer. Here are my favorites...what are yours? Peretti Tashkent Peretti Royal Peretti Cambridge Flake...
  19. aquadoc

    Others Experiencing Long Delivery Times From Europe?

    I have not ordered anything from the pipe tobacco world lately but have been thinking about putting in an order to Estervals, etc. I have placed 3 orders to MrSnuff and Toque and have yet to receive my shipments. One order, btw MrSnuff orders showed up in 11 days. The one before and after...