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    Smoke Temperature

    Is anyone aware of a study of actual smoke temperatures at tip of pipe mouthpiece? I am aware that this will be both difficult and variable. But has anyone tried.
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    Tobacco Jar Vacuum

    I jarred up various tobaccos and noticed when I came to open them they had developed quite a vacuum. I'm assuming a bacterial process is using oxygen and hence reducing internal air volume. Does anyone know any different? Or is able to correct my thinking ?
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    Dud Pipe ?

    I first smoked a pipe in 1966. Then after a long furlough took it up again. One of my pipes is a Peterson's sitter à tankard shape. This pipe just won't smoke nice. It gets very hot! It's not cadence , as I'm a sloooow puffer, it's not baccy as I've tried many varied types. I think it's just...
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    G.L. Pease Tins

    Hi, I'm in the uk. I've bought several tins of key largo. They arrived and after paying a hefty customs charge they are mine! My question is are these tins good for aging ie are they airtight? I'm sure someone here knows 😀
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    Alternative Choice to 1792 Flake

    I really like Samuel Gawiths 1792 flake. But nicotine hit is too high for me. Has anyone got a suggested alternative with a lesser nic hit?
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    Hello from North East of England

    Hi everyone, I'm Stan from the UK. Near Newcastle. Smoked a pipe for 5 years 1970-75. Then stopped when kids arrived. Now just re started. I only smoke a couple of bowls a week. I am trying quiet a few different tobaccos. Mainly Virginia based. Current favourites are :- 1792 flake Bosun...