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  1. furthur73

    West Central Indiana Pipers

    I am curious whether there are any west central Indiana members interested in putting together an informal club of sorts, or if there are even any forum members in my area. I only know one other pipe enthusiast in my area and thought I would put out some feelers here on the forums for like...
  2. furthur73

    Mysteriously Cracking Meerschaums

    I have a question for those more experienced with meerschaum pipes than myself. Have any of you experienced problems with cracking? I have now had 2 meerschaum pipes meet their end with severe cracks while smoking. The first was an admittedly low quality churchwarden that cracked at the shank...
  3. furthur73

    Weekend Project (pic heavy)

    Greetings all, I thought I would attempt to share a few pics and highlights from my weekend project with everyone. After watching the Hatfield and McCoy mini series last year I, like many others, took a shine to Devil Anse Hatfield's (Kevin Costner) stubby little pipe. Since the airing of the...
  4. furthur73

    P-lip Conversion

    Greetings all, I'm fairly new to the forums and just getting back into the pipe after a lengthy hiatus that began around 1999. Along with rekindling an interest in all things pipe related I have begun restoring some nice older estates, herein lies my question. I have restored a very nice...