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  1. uncleblackie

    Aristocob - Poor Customer Service

    After nearly a week and four emails attempting to contact them with no response, I am posting this as a warning to anyone considering purchasing from them. I bought a pipe and four replacement bits. They sent the correct pipe, but the wrong bits. I emailed them immediately to inform them of...
  2. uncleblackie

    Bob Clark Pipes

    Does anyone here own a Bob Clark pipe? If so, how would you rate it against other pipes in a similar price bracket? Over the past couple years or so, I’ve seen examples of his work for sale online, both handmade and hand-finished. This isn’t intended to insult anyone, but the pipes, especially...
  3. uncleblackie

    New Max Capps Pipe Commission

    I just received this today. I first became aware of Max’s work through browsing the Blue Room Briars website. I contacted Max about making a pipe, gave him some design guidelines, based off of other pipes he has made, and dimensions based off of the pipes I tend to smoke the most. I let him...
  4. uncleblackie

    Rattray’s Summer 2018

    I haven’t seen many reviews of this blend and I’m curious to know what others think about this blend. With all the attention Exotic Orange has been receiving, I’m wondering how this one stacks up.
  5. uncleblackie

    Cleaning A Meerschaum Pipe With Boiling Water

    I searched for another example of this and could find none. I have a meerschaum pipe that had a slightly off odor and flavor. Believing it to be related to certain aromatics I smoked heavily in it when the pipe was new, I wondered if it would be possible to release the “ghost” by boiling it out...
  6. uncleblackie

    Site Not Secure

    I looked for a way to contact the site administrator or anyone who would be able to answer this question, but the “Contact” link does not provide a way to contact anyone... so, Why is this site not secure? When I log in, I get a warning that this site is not secure, and I’d like to know why that...
  7. uncleblackie

    Germain's Royal Jersey Original Latakia Mixture

    I've been email alert subscriber #22 for this one at Smoking Pipes for quite a while now. It became almost a joke to me, thinking the odds of this ever being back in stock were essentially zero. Well today was the day. Email alert at 2:09 pm, 1 tin limit order placed at 2:11 pm, sold out around...
  8. uncleblackie

    Question About Tobacco Cut - C&D/Hearth & Home Related

    I recently began revisiting a few GL Pease blends, and checking out some C&D that I had not previously tried. The Pease blends include Westminster, Abingdon, and Samarra, while the C&D blends include Mountain Camp, Super Balkan and Star of the East. I was immediately struck by the unfamiliar...
  9. uncleblackie

    Ropp Algerian Superior Pipe at Smoking Pipes

    This was available earlier today but I missed it by a couple of minutes. I was actually startled by the grain when I saw it. Had it in my cart and someone else got it before me. Ropp Algerian Superior Bent Dublin Does anyone have a pipe from this series? I’m curious about the stem work. I have...
  10. uncleblackie

    Gawith Hoggarth Dark Plug

    Just wanted to let all know that this is back in stock at Smoking Pipes. Looking forward to finally trying this one. Strong plug fans take note. GH Dark Plug
  11. uncleblackie

    Grousemoor Plug

    I'd really like to try this one but it isn't available in the U.S. as far as I can tell. Does anyone have any they'd care to part with? While we're at it, I'd also love to try some of the GH twists that aren't readily available here: Sweet Blackcurrant, Plum, or Peach, and the Brown Irish...
  12. uncleblackie

    Inconsistencies in Gawith Hogarth Rope?

    I'm somewhat new to the GH ropes. I bought some Sweet Coconut Twist a few weeks back and was fairly pleased with it. There was an obvious coconut aroma to the rope which, as reviews had prepared me for, I did not detect much throughout the smoke, but still an obvious "tin" note of coconut...
  13. uncleblackie

    Attn: Sykes or Shane, Re: Savinelli 4002 Cutty

    To whomever owns the Savinelli 4002 Cutty pictured HERE, are you interested in selling?
  14. uncleblackie

    Savinelli Roccia Di Mare

    This is one of my favorite pipes. It's a Savinelli Punto Oro 4001 (late 50's/early 60's I believe). You can see the resemblance to the modern 401 shape but this is more refined and elegant in appearance, to my eye at least. Also, while it resembles somewhat the Capri finish, this is different...
  15. uncleblackie

    eBay Foolishness

    It never ceases to bug the shit out of me when idiots get into bidding wars well before the close of an auction. Even with a few hours to go it's stupid. Stay calm, lay low, get your bid in at the end. I guarantee you'd pay less for an item if you let a lone bidder believe no one else is...
  16. uncleblackie

    Is This An Absurd Price For A Kaywoodie?

    1929-31 Kaywoodie I like these old Kaywoodie's but I can't recall seeing one get this high. Is there something special about this one that I'm missing?
  17. uncleblackie

    Desirable Esoterica blends available at:

    The Briar Shoppe in Houston, TX. 713-529-6347 At least one bag of Stonehaven... Many other bags and tins available.
  18. uncleblackie

    Sugar Barrel fans

    Just a heads up, since I know this blend is discontinued and I'm pretty sure someone might be interested. The Briar Shoppe in Houston had two tubs for sale for $30 each when I was there earlier today. 713-529-6347
  19. uncleblackie

    Mustache note

    Anyone else enjoy the "flavor saver" aspect of a rich Latakia blend and the wonderful post smoke scent that can be enjoyed by smelling your mustache? I often find myself pushing my lips upwards toward my nose to get a whiff. Love it.
  20. uncleblackie

    Corn Cob Lined Briar?

    Similar to a meerschaum lined briar, has there ever been a corn cob lined briar? I just bought an estate Estella off ebay, and the bowl was in really bad shape. I'm considering hollowing it out enough to stuff a corn cob bowl in it. It's certainly large enough.