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  1. rockynrobyn

    Peterson Nickel Army Mounts

    Hi, I bought a brand new Peterson Xl 315 standard system. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if the Nickel mount is plated or is it solid nickel? Thanks
  2. rockynrobyn

    Virginia strong nic

    Hi everyone, can someone please recommend a straight Virgina that has a medium to high nicotine hit? Thanks
  3. rockynrobyn

    Elizabethan Mixture Substitute 4noggins

    Hi everyone.... so far my favourite tobacco is Dunhill’s Elizabethan Mixture. I order from 4noggins exclusively. I’m looking for something comparable to Elizabethan Mixture from 4noggins. If anyone can recommend something that’s as close as possible to E.M. and available at 4noggins, I would...
  4. rockynrobyn

    4noggins shipping to Canada

    Hello everyone, I recently ordered from 4noggins. I can’t find the post, but I read that when ordering from Canada, I should select the cheapest shipping method because it doesn’t come with a tracking number which would attract more attention to it at customs. So I chose the cheapest shipping...
  5. rockynrobyn

    Old Port Pipe Tobacco

    Hi everyone. While I await my order in the mail, I’m stuck smoking OTC blends. I like captain black, but I’m curious about Old Port pipe tobacco. Has anyone her ever tried it? If so, how does it compare to captain black Royal? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. rockynrobyn

    Lattice meerschaum pipe

    Hello everyone. I was in a second hand store that sells a little bit of everything and saw they had some pipes for sale. One of them was a bent billiard lattice meerschaum. It is unsmoked and felt quite light in my hand. I’ve never held a meerschaum pipe until this one so I have nothing to...
  7. rockynrobyn

    Ordering Tobacco from USA to British Columbia

    Hi everyone, I’ve ordered 200 grams of tinned tobacco from smoking to British Columbia. I was wondering if any other BC residents can tell me how much they pay in duty and taxes when ordering from the USA. Thanks in advance.
  8. rockynrobyn

    Brigham pipe stem

    Hi everyone, been reading this forum for a while now and I finally decided to join. I just bought a brand new Brigham Algonquin today. This is my first briar pipe. I've smoked nothing but cobs up until today. The price sticke was on the stem so I used an isopropyl alcohol pad to get the sticky...