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  1. OlrikFan

    Westgate, My First Real Good Budget Smoke

    Here’s a recommendation for those who sometimes have to take a closer look at the wallet when buying tobacco. The red Westgate blend is an English mixture made by McConnell for their Danish importer and is sold with some 15 % off the price of the regular McConnell assortment. At that price I’m...
  2. OlrikFan

    BBB 1922

    I’m the happy new owner of this old BBB stamped Birmingham 1922. It’s my first antique and certainly not the last. I love it and it smokes just fine. I’m also fishing a bit for advice. Don’t mind that a historic pipe shows some wear, to me it’s part of the pipe’s life. But the bowl finish has...
  3. OlrikFan

    Is This a Burnout?

    I got this Comoy’s Grand Slam on the estate market a few months ago at a good price (also in my avatar). Liked it at once, but once the wax polish disappeared, three spots began to stand out on the side of the bowl. They sit in a funny triangular pattern and are slightly more matte and black...
  4. OlrikFan

    Hello from Denmark

    Happy to find minority fellows here. I’ve smoked pipe for many years with a few longer breaks in between, during the latter I lost my collection and am now putting together a new one. What can I say: love traditional British pipes and classic Danish freehand, and I mostly fill them with...