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  1. d4k23

    Robert McConnell Red Virginia

    I was getting a red Virginia itch yesterday and decided to open a lone tin of McConnells Red that I had. Tin descriptions says reds with touch of perique, which is visible in the leaves. Unlike many Virginia's, there is no hay/grass smell, but very distinct sweet bread notes. The topping is...
  2. d4k23

    Tien Len, Cribbage and Backgammon...What's Next?

    So my wife and I play a game called Tien Len or Viet Cards with two of our friends, which I learned in high school (and took a long time for me to teach them how to play). We have a few house rules, but play all the time and can't get enough! Recently I learned how to play Backgammon (only 2...
  3. d4k23

    Long Week - And Pipes Collect

    Anybody else have a long week and watch the pipes collect? This is my garage rack, and if there’s enough tobacco left I’ll smoke it, otherwise dump the bowl and start again. Just got around to cleaning them and putting them back on the rack to rest.
  4. d4k23

    Anybody Take The CC Bait?

    Got an email this morning from Pipestud that he would have numerous tins of McClelland Christmas Cheer listed today, various vintages. I don’t normally chase the white whale but indeed took the bait and bought a single tin of 2006 CC (the year I got into cigars and curious what it would have...
  5. d4k23

    Holy Embers!! Chatter Removal [Pic Heavy]

    Embers gave me a hint on how to get rid of chatter in another post of mine. I do a lot of research, but didn't know about this one. He showed me a video of using a heat gun (or heat source) to the stem to bring out the indentations. I immediately pulled my Mountbatten estate with two giant tooth...
  6. d4k23

    A Gifted Scantic - Clean Up [Pic Heavy]

    I was gifted a pipe from a good forum member Mike Thompson, a Scantic estate made in Denmark. Had some oxidation and a lot of chatter on the stem. I am by no means an expert on refurb, but here is my attempt. Used Oxy-clean on the stem and then 9 rounds of micromesh to brighten it up and take...
  7. d4k23

    Esoterica Mold And Jarring Question

    Gents, I love Texas for many reasons, but by George the humidity is not always one of them, especially for my tobacco. So I got a bag of Dunbar over the summer and opened it up, and put it in 4 jars immediately. It was pretty moist on opening, had a unique aroma, but I thought it was just the...
  8. d4k23

    Silver VIP At SP

    So I have had the Bronze VIP perk at SP for awhile now, and with my last order of Red Flake I noticed I have graduated to Silver! I'm not sure this is a proud thing, it just means that PAD and TAD have taken over in this new hobby and I may have lost control... I told the Mrs. that this is it...
  9. d4k23

    PAD - Practical and Fantasy

    So I had a serious itch to find another bent bulldog because I really love my GBD Celebrity Bent Bulldog I picked up from SP about a year ago (the first pipe I ever owned actually). Wife gave me a larger budget than normal, so I did my research, and I was ready to spend a little more than I...
  10. d4k23

    Changes In Tobacco's Presentation Over Time

    I have been meaning to post about this for a while now, and I am finally getting around to it. I had a tin of Opening Night from 10 yrs and 7 yrs (see other thread about Gaslight for reference). Pictures are worth a thousand words, here they are: Maybe you can guess which one is older and...
  11. d4k23

    Mold In My Estate Pipe

    So in the spirit of another mold thread, I went to look at an estate pipe that I have been trying to restore. I have used alcohol treatments (yes, even in the bowl) but did a few coffee grinds in the bowl to clear the ghost smell. Well I haven't looked at it for about a week, then was greeted...
  12. d4k23

    Bulk - Aged Meets Fresh?

    I have a bulk storage question. I have some jarred LNF and LTF that I plan to age for some time but has only been sitting for a couple months. I took advantage of P&C's bulk sale to get some more. What are your thoughts on adding my fresh to already jarred tobacco? Only 3 months so don't think...
  13. d4k23

    Estate Pipe - Over Reamed Or Something Else?

    I raced home to check out my "new" estate pipe that I took advantage of during 15% off sell at SP. This is another Karl Erik which I think is beautiful. However, when I look at the bowl, it appears that the top of the bowl may be slightly over reamed, or possibly something else. There was no...
  14. d4k23

    What to Do When Flying Solo

    My lovely wife took the kids to her parents for Spring Break for the next two nights. She left me a note to enjoy the quiet. So of course that is what I do. I opened my tin of Marlin Flake (actually did it yesterday, but when I saw how wet the tobacco was, I knew it needed some dry time). I...
  15. d4k23

    After Aging, Smoke Within This Date

    I am jumping the gun a lot, but with the McClelland situation I have to ask the question. When you age a tobacco, how quickly do you have to smoke it before it goes south? I'm wondering age for a year, smoke after XX days of opening. Age for 5 years, smoke after XX. Age after 10? 20?
  16. d4k23

    Condensation In My Jarred Tobacco

    Something happened to my jarred tobacco I hadn't noticed until my brother came over to show me his stash of Sutliff Christmas Spice. It looks like there was a condensation/foggy film that coated the inside of the jar. I hadn't seen this before so I decided to check out my cellar. Same occurrence...
  17. d4k23

    Aging Rattrays in Original Tin or Jar it Up?

    I have tin of Marlin Flake and Red Raparee, still unsealed, that I want to age. These tins feel kind of like a paper tin. So my question is are these tins good to age in or should I transfer to a jar?
  18. d4k23

    New Member from Texas!

    As some others, I have been checking out the site for the last few months to learn a thing or two about our hobby. Been smoking cigars since I was 18 and only recently got into pipes this last year. Figured it was time to make an account to ask questions and contribute where I can. Favorite...