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  1. ohin3

    A & C Petersen Tobaccos Still Available?

    Does anyone know if A & C Petersen is still producing tobacco? I do notice that Escudo is still being sold under that moniker at Smokingpipes, but I never see any of their other tobaccos for sale on any site. My Local B & M had a half dozen tins of Caledonian Select Reserve No. 466 left till I...
  2. ohin3

    This magic moment is brought to you by...

    Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian in a W. O. Larsen Double Black 95 prince. Second time with this tobacco thanks to the Canadian box pass and the first time in this pipe. The tobacco is very quickly growing on me and this pipe is a whore for it. 2 for 2 with perfect smokes from this tobacco and the...
  3. ohin3

    Good lord!!!! Someone buy me this for Christmas
  4. ohin3

    Who sent me this wonderful tobacco and what is it?

    A while back and a lot of memories ago someone sent me a sample labled "Phil smoke me" HH ODF. Can't remember who it was and I am just getting around to smoking it. I LOVE this stuff. Please tell me who sent it and what it is so that I can order more right away!
  5. ohin3

    PAD for my dad.

    As many of you know I was home recently for the passing of my mother. While home my dad mentioned that he was sick of his pipes because they are all cheap and don't smoke that well. He said that he wanted to get a new pipe and described what he wanted. I told him I would get him a pipe and he...
  6. ohin3

    Send some positive vibes towards my mom.

    My mom has been battling lung cancer for 6 years and is now fighting for her life. Brain started swelling last week, drained it last night and now giving cat scan and analyzing cerebrospinal fluid to see what is up. Not looking good. My mom has been through more than anyone should ever have...
  7. ohin3

    Happy Canada Day.

    To my adopted countrymen I say grab a Keiths, Molson, Labatts or any other Canadian beer of choice and head to the cottage, beach or a friends house and party your ass off in honor of our fine country. Cheers.
  8. ohin3

    Sorry if I pissed anyone off.

    I have had a few daggers thrown my way here lately and I apologize to any of you who have been waiting for the box pass box or payment for items requested. I had a very close friend die of cancer after a long battle this week, my mother who has been battling cancer for the past few years took a...
  9. ohin3

    In loving memory of Sonny Boy...

    A while back Waznyf posted a heartfelt message about his cat Sonny Boy who had been hit by a car and died. He then posted a sweepstakes for a Mauro Armellini smooth bent brandy that he was giving away to keep the memory of Sonny Boy alive. I won that sweepstakes and today I recieved the pipe...
  10. ohin3

    Laughing at My Own Tasting Notes...

    I have a habit of writing down tasting notes in bullet form while I smoke. Tonight I am smoking this 35 year old Mac Baren Scottish Blend Mixture and it is really quite superb. I just read my bulleted tasting notes and cracked up and thought I would share them. This is how I start the review...
  11. ohin3

    Esoterica Blackpool review.

    If you like Virginias you will love Blackpool. The licorice topping is very very faint. More of a simple sweetening agent than an in your face licorice flavour. The tobacco scores points with me every step of the way. Jet black and very moist right out of the pouch. Moist, not sticky or...
  12. ohin3

    Hamborger Veermaster MIA?

    Forgive me if I've already posted this question, but I don't remember getting an answer and I am still curious. Anyone know what happened to Dan Tobacco's Hamborger Veermaster? I love that stuff and it seems to have not been in stock anywhere over the past 6 mo. to a year.
  13. ohin3

    Good god...that's just...

    Just sick is what it is. I'm no fan of the Calabash shape but this is one beautiful pipe!
  14. ohin3

    The beginnings of a tax refund fueled TAD/PAD spending spree...

    OH JOY ! ! ! The shipments have begun to arrive = )
  15. ohin3

    SUPERMOON! ! ! Hope it is clear where you are. This is gonna be a nice one.
  16. ohin3

    More mixers for the purists out there... I have only had the Indian Tonic Water and am currently enjoying it with Bombay Sapphire and a wedge of lime and I have to say that this is top quality tonic water.
  17. ohin3

    Al Pascia

    While perusing today I noticed that they have a line of pipes under their own name. Anyone own one of their pipes? Love the aesthetic of their pipes and can imagine that they are of fine quality, but I was looking for a first hand account of their smoking characteristics.
  18. ohin3

    For all you beverage purists out there... These make for awesome mixers or by themselves as a pipe accompaniment.
  19. ohin3

    If I had $600.00...

    This is just sick. I don't know if I would have the heart to swipe it from Sykes, but If I had the dough in order It would be hard not to pull the trigger.
  20. ohin3

    PAD/Tad budget just got inflated = )

    My ex finally did something civil for a change and cancelled my alimony case. I called to find out what was going on and she actually said that she thought I had paid enough and that she was sorry for any hardship she caused...ooh the things I could have said to her. Anyways who cares, the...