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  1. marmal4de

    Collusion for Firefox

    Stumbled across this wicked add-on for Firefox today, it shows how websites track your internet browsing and graphs it in a really cool and intuitive way. Collusion for Firefox
  2. marmal4de

    Sasquatch Billiard

    The unboxing! Here she is in all her glory! This pipe is amazing, it's light, drilled perfectly, passes a cleaner smooth as can be. Christening smoke to be McC Blue Mountain tonight.
  3. marmal4de

    Pictures: Fresh Off the Artisan's Workbench

    Todd bannard made this beauty for me. I am beyond words, the only way it could be more perfect would be if I were smoking it now. Most perfect drilling.
  4. marmal4de

    Two of my Fondest Childhood Memories Revisited

    I remember playing Pokemon in the living room with my brothers smelling the smoke from my Grandfather's pipe. Today I do both.
  5. marmal4de

    I lost my job today.

    So yea, the title says it all, I worked on a contract for them for half a year, then in December they brought me on as a manager, today, eight days before my probation ends they canned me with no reason. As the sole financial supporter for my family, I am very worried about the future right now...
  6. marmal4de

    WWII RAF Pilot Smoking His Pipe and Getting a Trim.

    I stumbled upon this while browsing /r/pics thought it belonged here.
  7. marmal4de

    Plans for IPSD

    Anyone have super cool plans for IPSD? Myself, I will probably be sitting out back of work in the smoke shack doing paperwork most of the night. If by some miracle I can leave early, I'll be at the Cedar Cottage spying for local pipe smoking celebrities.
  8. marmal4de


    SWTOR Anyone going to be playing? It would be cool to know some people in game right away, and to know that I'm not the only one smoking my pipe while perfecting lightsaber combat! As a diehard Star Wars fan, I'm torn between going Sith or Jedi, decisions decisions! Relevant in an irrelevant...
  9. marmal4de

    PAD Euphoria

    I'm seriously so happy, I'm twitching. Beautiful Peterson Meerschaum. WDC Milano, this is such a sweet pipe, check out the patent stamp too. Brebbia sent from heaven. Holy shit, marmal4de has a cob now!? Yes, a badass one.
  10. marmal4de

    Badass Emergency Skills

  11. marmal4de

    Star Wars Fans Only!

    This is my Ewok, he is gonna hang out with my red panda.
  12. marmal4de

    The Endangered and Adorable Red Panda

    Red Panda's's are awesome, they're solitary as adults and badass territorial! I have some free space on my arm, so a red panda is going to move in and complete my sleeve! TEASER! EDIT: I put this in the wrong section, mods please save me!
  13. marmal4de

    I Bought a New Watch

    I needed a new watch for work, my shitty Timex broke and my job sucks without the ability to tell time at a glance. Check it out! I love the industrial 'git 'er done' look the movement has.
  14. marmal4de

    Comoy 296 and McClelland Blue Mountain

    A match made in heaven, and bestowed on me by the pipe gods. EDIT: How's that for a descriptive title?
  15. marmal4de


    iPhone 4S preorder! I got mine in a day early, pays to have friends in high places! EXCITEMENT! RIP Steve.
  16. marmal4de


    Come on guys, drag your hungover selves outta bed and entertain me, please! Here is a hungover owl, courtesy of
  17. marmal4de

    Oh Snap!

    BOOM! The mini tin is GH Wild Mint snuff, always wanted to try the stuff, now that I have it, I'm all chickened out!
  18. marmal4de

    Afternoon Shift

    I took a promotion at work, that also came with a caveat, my shift moved to 2:30-10:30. As a morning person, it's thrown me right off, and I get unbelievably bored. Seriously, I am going crazy. /rant
  19. marmal4de

    Cuban Cigar Rolling Demo/ Dinner

    Any locals going?