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  1. maxx

    C&D Engine #99

    This is apparently a derivative of C&D Pirate Kake in ribbon cut. It’s a comfortable smoke. Rather simple. I can’t decide whether it’s pleasant or a bit boring. I’ve got some Pirate Kake and have liked that before but I’m not opening that new tin yet. I’m still sampling the new unexperienced...
  2. maxx

    C&D Mountain Camp

    I’ve read that this is similar to Nightcap, which is why I ordered it. I don’t remember NC well enough to compare them, but I think it’s probably not similar. This Mountain Camp is a bit spicy and sharp. It doesn’t seem as heavy in Latakia as Drucquer & Sons Levant and the Burley is evident in...
  3. maxx

    C&D Billy Budd

    I expected this to be stronger. I just finished a bowl of Drucquer & Sons Levant Mixture, and this Billy Budd doesn’t excite me anywhere as much. It’d be a mild cigar with a bit of sharp tang. I’d say the Burley is stronger than the Latakia by far, with the Virginia coming through underneath.
  4. maxx

    Drucquer & Sons Levant Mixture

    My tobacco order arrived and I’ve begun with Drucquer & Sons Levant Mixture. I like this a lot. What’s your experience with it?
  5. maxx

    What’s Your Top Choices For Virginias?

    I’m a Latakia fan and have focused on English blends, so I haven’t explored Virginias. What’s your top personal choices for Virginias?
  6. maxx

    Getting Back To The Good Stuff (Tobacco Order)

    I’ve been smoking PA and CH mixed together for over a year. Tonight I placed an order for the good stuff. New to me are blends marked • Cornell & Diehl: Bow-Legged Bear 2oz Cornell & Diehl: Pirate Kake 2oz Cornell & Diehl: Billy Budd 2oz • Cornell & Diehl: Mountain Camp 2oz • Cornell &...
  7. maxx

    Smoking The Crumbs

    I’d saved my empty tins from when I was smoking something other than PA and CH. I’m missing the good stuff so today I dumped all the crumbs left in those tins and got 1-1/2 pipes worth. Now I remember what I’ve been missing! Components were mostly from heavier Latakia blends.
  8. maxx

    Returning member

    I’ve been gone for quite a while but still smoking. Haven’t had anything but PA and CH mixed together for far too long. Sad to discover the loss of Dunhill blends, especially Nightcap. I love Latakia. Soon I’ll order ten or so tins of some my favorites and try some I haven’t had. I’m also...
  9. maxx

    Bible App

    I'm agnostic, but believe knowledge of the Bible is essential to understanding history. I just got a Bible App for the iPhone that is excellent. It has options for a ton of translations (I use the NAS) and you can also have it read aloud the text. It's done very well. The App is called Bible and...
  10. maxx

    Dan Tobacco Old Ironsides

    I just lit up my first ever bowl of Old Ironsides, and I haven't been this excited about a blend since Nightcap. It's a flake, which I generally haven't liked, but in this case I have no choice. I love this blend. Thanks go to Harris, who mentioned it in a thread a month or so ago. I've been...
  11. maxx

    Being Prepared, Everyday Carry

    On my belt, everyday, everywhere, I carry a multitool, an LED flashlight, and a cheap TracPhone (I have a smartphone but use that mostly for net access and aps, and don't always have it with me). I also carry a knife in my pocket. A few days ago, the power went out at work for three hours, and I...
  12. maxx

    C&D Bulk - What Are You Getting?

    I plan to take advantage of the September sale at smokingpipes on C&D bulk tobacco, but haven't decided yet on the blends except for Byzantium and maybe Epiphany and Latakia. What about you?
  13. maxx

    Rossi vs Savinelli

    Rossi pipes are made by Savinelli, yes? I recently got a Rossi 8616, which is like the Savinelli 616. How is this Rossi lesser quality? Do they use cheaper briar, take less care or time, or what? I love this pipe.
  14. maxx

    McConnell Latakia Flake

    Components: Black Cavendish, Burley, and Latakia, says smokingpipes. Pipe used is Peterson B5 Bent Bulldog. This tastes sweet and not very heavy on Latakia. I need your help describing the flavor. I don't notice nicotine in tobacco, so can't speak to that. This is a flake; and I just folded and...
  15. maxx

    Captain Earle's Nightwatch

    Tin date is 6-01-15. Components: Latakia, Orientals, Perique, and Virginia - as listed at smokingpipes. The tin only mentions Latakia. Crumble Cake. Full on Latakia! Another favorite along with Nightcap and Pirate Kake. This is a monster. If you need me, I'll be up in the crows nest.
  16. maxx

    Captain Earle's Diamond Head

    Tin date is 2-25-15. Components are Latakia, Red Virginia, plus small leaf tobaccos. Crumble cake. Long smoke. This one is a little sharp on my tongue. I might be sensitive to Red Virginia. This is the first tobacco I've tried that listed it in the blend. Everything I've smoked other than OTCs...
  17. maxx

    C&D Pirate Kake

    Tin date is 4-24-15. Components are Latakia (75%), Turkish, and Burley. This is a long burning tobacco. Crumble cake. I haven't needed to dry it. I retrohale through the nose a lot, and it is a bit sharp that way, but not so in the mouth. I've been smoking this in comparison to C&D Byzantium...
  18. maxx

    How To Ruin Your Taste Sense

    I wanted to review another tobacco or two tonight, but I think I ruined my sense of taste for the evening by eating some very spicy, hot peppered food earlier. I'm smoking C&D Byzantium and Pirate Kake, and I can't believe they actually taste as bland as I'm tasting them tonight. The Byzantium...
  19. maxx

    C&D Epiphany

    Tin is dated 2-02-15. Pipe is Peterson Billiard that's had a lot of OTC Carter Hall and Prince Albert through it for a few weeks. Components are Virginia, Burley, Latakia, and Perique. The tin note reminds me of a licorice flavored chewing tobacco I tried 20 years ago. Last night when I opened...
  20. maxx

    Smoked Oysters And Tobacco

    I love smoked oysters and find they compliment English blends. What about you?