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  1. kashmir

    Yves' Sea Star Pipe -

    Smoking GLP's Charing Cross in a pipe made by a friend of mine from Switzerland. His name is Yves on sells on FaceBook under Ygrek Pipes.
  2. kashmir

    WWII and Tobacco Pipe Smoking

    Tobacco pipe smoking and the Fighting Men of the Second World War. From both the Allied and Axis sides.
  3. kashmir

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all forum members. May your New Year be one full of joy, health and happiness. Here's a photo guaranteed to garner a chuckle.
  4. kashmir

    Kids - Don't Try This at Home

    Newbee Tip #336: "How to smoke a corncob pipe". (Legal disclaimer: Kids, don't try this at home).
  5. kashmir

    Comoy Bulldog - Thank You Al!

    Just wanted to give a mighty shout out to Al, aka ssjones, PM mod, fellow briar enthusiast and all around great guy in the pipe community. A while back I off handedly mentioned, in a thread Al started, "If you ever want to sell this pipe ...". Well, lo and behold, in a very kind move, Al gave...
  6. kashmir

    Thanks Brdavidson!

    I'd like to offer a heart filled thanks to our Brother of the Briar Brian, aka brdavidson, for sending me two samples of Rattray's Tobacco to try: Bagpiper's Dream and Jock's Mixture. For some reason the package got very delayed, and after a couple of pm exchanges, with still no delivery, I...
  7. kashmir

    A Christmas Story By Charles Mundungus

    A highly recommended, and perhaps required, Christmas reading by none other than Charles Mundungus. A blog provided by Neat Pipes. Case N° 131216 A CHRISTMAS PIPE: THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN by Charles Mundungus...
  8. kashmir

    Comoy's The Quebec

    Anyone going for one of these beauties? See: Neill Archer Roan's Passion for Pipes for details:
  9. kashmir

    Latakia Lunt Weather

    With this cold weather, I find myself reaching more and more for the dark leaf. It's also the time of year when the parks empty out, and you can stroll the dog smoking a pipe, without having to deal with the public. My favorite walkabout here in northern NJ is the Grover Cleaveland Park, noted...
  10. kashmir

    Rarest Comoys Ever Auctioned

    Well, here is something you don't see everyday. The two rarest Comoy pipes ever auctioned on the Internet: 1. Comoy's Specimen Straight Grain Extraordinaire billiard #124. 2. Comoy's Blue Riband Extraordinaire stamped Straight Grain #309 Canadian. 2 RAREST COMOY PIPES EVER AUCTIONED ON THE...
  11. kashmir

    Bearded Stars

    Bearded stars: Backyard astronomers in the Northern Hemisphere get an eyeful this week, when four comets will be visible with binoculars or small telescopes in the early morning sky. These are comets ISON, Lovejoy, Encke, and Nevski. Anyone following the news on these four comets...
  12. kashmir

    Happy Thanksgiving to All Merry Pipers

    Though I'd share some recent photos of fall in northern NJ. Fall. My favorite time of year. Latakia weather. Capped off by Thanksgiving. What could be better. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  13. kashmir

    Rattray's Tobacco

    I've recently been sampling Rattray's offerings. I know they are noted for their VA forward blends, like Hal O' the Wynd, Old Gowrie and the famous VaPer flake Marlin Flake. But I've been sampling their Latakia line: Black Mallory, 7 Reserve, Accountants Mixture, Red Repparee and Highland Targe...
  14. kashmir

    Comoy's Tradition

    Just picked up a nice more recent #127 Comoy's Tradition billiard for a song. After a bit of clean up, I think it looks grand. Almost stately. It's the first Comoy with a painted on / lasered C stem logo that I've owned. (All my other Comoys are pre-merger with the three part C stem inlay -...
  15. kashmir

    Mastercraft Bulldog

    Just picked me up a nice lil' MASTERCRAFT Hand Made for $28. Impulse buy. But it has some nice grain and I do so like the classic bulldog shape. Pipedia has a nice blurb on the brand: After reaming thoroughly and expending a bag of Qtips and pipe cleaners and...
  16. kashmir

    Bowl Sniffers

    Some of us like to sniff their bowls or stems whilst piping. It releases a whole other set of sensory olfactory stimuli and in certain tabacs distinct flavor impressions can only be picked up in this manner. Any other bowl or stem sniffers out there?
  17. kashmir

    Comoy's Little Apples

    Just had some luck on eBay scoring another Comoy's lil' apple, shape #159 (first photo). This one is a Tradition, bought for only $54. It's an old one, maybe pre-war, because it has the old Made in England in a circle, no London, stamp. Post war Comoys are stamped Made in London in a circle...
  18. kashmir

    Bowled Over No Longer By Peter Carlson

    Bowled Over No Longer By Peter Carlson Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, June 19, 2005 It smelled like cherry or chocolate or chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Or leaves burning in the back yard in those long-ago autumns when you were still allowed to burn leaves in the back yard. In...
  19. kashmir

    Norman Rockwell Studio Fire

    Here's the information on the Rockwell studio fire in 1943. From: "My Adventures As An Illustrator" by Norman Rockwell.Chapter XVI I Rise from the Ashes "Then, still recovering from the Four Freedoms, I painted a Boy Scout calendar, shipping it off to Brown and Bigelow in St. Paul, Minnesota...
  20. kashmir

    NYC Pipe Smoker Wisdom

    Wisdom from a NYC pipe smoker with a handsome mustache. "Share, Respect and Admiration for each other all over the World" - Joseph...