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  1. coming to_falling too

    Xikar Soft Flame

    I noticed in today's Smoking Pipes update they have started carrying an old boy style lighter from Xikar. Anyone have any experience with these? They caught my eye and come in quite a few finishes.
  2. coming to_falling too

    Tsuge Spider Smooth Belicoso

    I first saw these pipes a while back and they definitely caught my eye. I thought they were definitely unique looking, but didn't purchase one at that time. Looking through Tsuge's selection on SP, these caught my eye once again. Since my PAD hadn't been satisfied since last week, i went ahead...
  3. coming to_falling too

    Sutliff Mixture 79

    Okay so I got my pouch of 79 today. Pretty excited to try it out. The humidity here will be down for the next couple hours so I have some drying out. Here's my question about it. Usually when I unfold a pouch I see the words break seal gently. Not here, I unfolded my pouch and it was just...
  4. coming to_falling too

    Darn the Luck!

    wkay, so this afternoon I decided to bite the bullet and do some cleaning on my pipes. I got to my basket pipe that I have dedicated to Ennerdale Flake, and I go to take the stem off and BAM! The stem broke off at the tenon, with the tenon still stuck in the mortise. Oh well, cheap pipe so I...
  5. coming to_falling too

    Just a Quick Question

    Okay, so yesterday I got my TAD shipment from Watch City Cigar. I got 2 50g tins and a 250g box, all Samuel gawith. I cracked one tin right away to sample and jarred it. Today I came back to the unopened tin and could smell it when I put my nose up to it, so I gently pushed up on the lid and...
  6. coming to_falling too

    A Thank You is in Order

    I just wanted to say thank you to the user @hoppes for donating this fine smoking instrument to me. I'll see that its story continues
  7. coming to_falling too

    Sizzling Bad?

    Okay, after much debate I've decided I have to post this question. At times when I'm smoking and I near the end of the bowl I can hear the tobacco sizzling. Is this normal? Or is it evidence of being packed wrongly or of a fast cadence? Also, is it bad on a pipe? Thanks in advance. -Tim
  8. coming to_falling too

    Greetings from Missouri

    Decided to join the community after perusing the forums anonymously for a while. I'm actually quite new to pipe smoking, at about 4 months in. I had smoked cigarettes for about 12 years and decided I wanted to quit. Needless to say I'm happy with the switch. I have quite a few cobs and a couple...