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  1. J

    Ted's Smoke Shop

    So I just received a group of pipes, and on one, the only markings are Ted's Smoke Shop, and below that is Downey. Has anyone ever come across one of these, or know anything about it?
  2. J

    Does Anyone Have Any Info About Joseph Phillips Pipes?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) I came across this pipe in a lot I purchased off the internet. At first I thought it was a Custombilt, then saw the Joseph Phillips stamp. I tried looking up the maker, but found nothing. I know there are ALOT of pipes that have that "wormy"...
  3. J

    Joseph Phillips Pipe - Before and After (Picture HEAVY)

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Here is a Joseph Phillips estate pipe that I got in and gave a little bit of TLC to. Mainly the stem got cleaned both inside and out. The layer of carbon around had to be removed, and then the rim got a mild sanding. The rest of the body also...
  4. J

    A Sasieni Seconds

    It's a Sasieni seconds, but any idea on which sub-brand??? I've looked everywhere that I could find on the web. TO me the first letter looks like a "P" (my wife said maybe a "T", but the last 3 letters look like "ace". Any ideas???
  5. J

    Are There any Carey Magic Inch Fans Out There?

    So I have come across this Carey pipe a while back. It has an "A" on the back, so I was guessing it was a grading system. Tried looking up info on it, and couldn't find anything about the grading system Carey used on their pipes. I even contacted them, and sent them some photos of the pipe...
  6. J

    Question on Using Stains on Pipes

    So I have read that when re-staining a pipe, people always mention using leather dye thinned out with alcohol. I was just wondering why no-one ever mentions using stains like Minwax? Is there something in the Minwax that shouldn't go onto pipes, or is just that the alcohol based dyes set...
  7. J

    Help with Pipe Maker.

    Came across this pipe, and the nomenclature on the side has been worn off. On the bottom is stamped "Smoking Pipe Maker", "Made in Italy", and 1984. On the other side of the shank is the Olympic rings. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  8. J

    Qualities of a Good Beginner Pipe

    So what would be the qualities for a good beginner pipe? I ask because I had a person ask me. From what I understand, a pipe with a little thicker walls would be better than thinner walls. Having a bent shank is more comfortable, but really that comes down to preference (from what I...
  9. J

    Crack in Peterson bowl

    So I buy and resell pipes, and got this one in a large group of pipes. It is a Peterson, and has a rather noticeable crack in the bottom of the bowl. My questions is, if I were to attempt to repair this, what would be the best way in doing it? I was hoping to repair it, and at least try and...
  10. J

    Custom Made Pipe Rack by Mark Whitley

    Finally got it, so I have to show off my new pipe rack made by an old friend, Mark Whitley. Mark is an artist and furniture maker from Smith's Grove, Kentucky, and does fantastic work. I can proudly say this is his first pipe rack, hopefully not his last. I'm hoping to be able to commission...
  11. J

    Learned a valuable lesson today

    So I bought a group of pipes on line to restore and resell. One of the pipes that was in the group was a Comoy's Silver Shadow with a Lucite stem. I don't know if the stem was original to the pipe, but that wasn't the issue. The issue was the stem smelled like, and looked like it survived a...
  12. J

    Came across this today

    So was at an antique store, and came across this guy today. Was impressed with the carvings in it, so went ahead and bought it. There is a repair done to the buck deer on the front panel. You can see where the snout broke off at some point and was glued back on. Unfortunately there is no...
  13. J

    What a day

    Ever had one of those days where you just want to reach through your computer and slap a person through the internet? I'm not promoting violence, but I'm a firm believer that sometimes, everyone needs a good slap.
  14. J

    Another question about a Peterson: Fake or Real?

    So I got this pipe in a group of others online. At first I didn't think much about it. Cleaned it and posted it, and had a question asked about the model number. I looked, and couldn't find any model number on this pipe. When I looked up a little bit of info about Petersons, I saw that the...
  15. J

    is this hole supposed to be here?

    This is a Coronet "Foreign Made" bulldog, and was wondering if this hole is supposed to be here. There are several fill spots around the bowl, but this one is not. When looking at it through the chamber, it is right in the center of the chamber. So was this an intentional hole placement? If...
  16. J

    Custom-Bilt Restore (Pic Heavy)

    So this is a Custom-bilt that I came across the other day. I am really pleased on the way it turned out. The only thing I wish I did different was instead of using a dark brown stain, using a medium brown stain instead. I was expecting when I hit it with the Brown Tripoli, for it to take a...
  17. J

    waxing a rusticated or sandblasted pipe

    Question is, how to get a nice shine on a rusticated or sandblasted pipe without getting the white residue in the indentions? I have used Halcyon II, and it works at first, but after a day or two, the shine fades and it goes back to a dull, matte finish. Next question, I did wax a couple with...
  18. J

    Need help identifying a couple of makers

    Need a little help with identification of the makers for a couple of pipes. The first has a logo of what looks like "BURMA" and a bird beside it. The next is just the letter "R" with a pipe making up the back of the R. I've looked on pipephil, and wasn't able to come up with anything. Is...
  19. J

    A Light Restoration for Two Pipes

    Got these two in a group of 6, and figured might as well see what they look like underneath all of the gunk The smaller of the two is a Robert's, and the other one is a Whitehall.
  20. J

    Anyone know anything about this brand

    Does anyone know what brand, or know anything about this brand of pipe? I don't know if it is "Gud's", or "Gudis". Anyone know?,