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  1. jeffro

    Rattray's Meerschaum pipes

    The pipes are being called Rattray's White Goddess pipes. I just noticed that Tobacco from Florida and GQ tobaccos from the UK are now selling Rattray meerschaum pipes. The stems are custom made by Eldrich pipes, maker Chris Kelly. the stems allow for a 9mm filter does anyone have...
  2. jeffro

    Disney Is Banning Smoking and Vaping at Amusement Parks

    On May 01 2019 all Walt Disney parks in Florida and California become smoke free! No cigarettes No Vaping No Cigars No pipes. :cry: Here are the sources of information I love Disney World and Disney land this is sad news but not that surprising to me in this day and age . The Disney...
  3. jeffro

    Castello Shape 55 and variants?

    I would love to own a Castello Shape 55 but right now cannot afford the price of them. Are are other Italian pipe makers allowed make this shape? Or is this shape exclusive to Castello? I would be interested to see other pipes even if the pipe is someone's take on the 55 shape.
  4. jeffro

    Ser Jacopo Insanus Pipes?

    Does anybody own an Ser Jacopo Insanus series pipe? I am very intrigued on how these pipes are drilled out. Some sort of very flexible drill bit? If there is such a thing. What is the magic the carvers at Ser Jacapo are performing to make these pieces of pipe art.
  5. jeffro

    Rocky Patel Prohibition Pure & Simple

    I just received a email from pipes&cigars introducing that Rocky Patel Co. is now selling pipe tobacco. The first blend is called Prohibition Pure & Simple it comes in a glass 12.oz jar and is an aeromatic. The components are Black Cavendish,Burley,Virginia and cased with vanilla and caramel...
  6. jeffro

    Questions About Driftwood or Suede Finishes

    I am very curious on how the weathered look that Roger Wallenstein calls "driftwood" and Walt Cannoy calls "suede blast" is done. Does anyone have a idea on how the finish is achieved?