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  1. crashthegrey

    Help: Kaywoodie Triangle Shank #8782

    You're welcome! Happy to help.
  2. crashthegrey

    Kaywoodie Mini Drinkless - Any Insights?

    Campus pipes are small, but that is a sample pipe for carrying around on the salesman. Yes you can smoke them but they were really meant as a display pipe. Very cool find.
  3. crashthegrey

    Help: Kaywoodie Triangle Shank #8782

    That shape in a four digit number dates it to 1935 to 1938. I have to assume the stem is an incredibly done replacement as well. The pipes would sometimes walk without the shank stamping, but the clover is almost always there. It's not hard to get the alignment right on a replacement as you can...
  4. crashthegrey

    Custom Group Pipe By Kaywoodie - (From a Different Pipe Group)

    This was an excellent project to work with Bill on. We designed it together based on requests from the group. It was my first large production for Greywoodie, and I would certainly do it again. But it was incredibly time consuming.
  5. crashthegrey

    Finally Got Myself An Eskimo!

    Sometimes sandblasting makes the birdies even cooler. I believe this is a prime example of that.
  6. crashthegrey

    Kaywoodie Meerschaum Lined

    Made in France. Interesting. I'll confer and see if that helps date it some.
  7. crashthegrey

    Kaywoodie Meerschaum Lined

    Definitely look forward to what you find there. You have a definite oddity. The placement of the stem logo puts it before 1950, and the 2 digit system after the late thirties. I conferred with Bill, and he is missing the catalogs from 1941 to 1946 and likely comes from that era.
  8. crashthegrey

    Anyone Else Not A Fan Of The P-Lip

    I have one. Not a fan. Once in awhile, sure, I enjoy it for something different, but I would never go out of my way to add another. Even the one I have was a gift.
  9. crashthegrey

    Still Smoking Too Hot. Need Help!

    This is so tough to diagnose over the internet. 20 minutes seems quick, but are you loose packing so there is only a gram or less at the three quarters mark? That would be a short smoke, and would burn hot and fast from being so loosely packed. Are you stuffing 5 grams in there and freight...
  10. crashthegrey

    Kaywoodie Meerschaum Lined

    You can distinctly see the line of the meer insert. That will take some heavy cleaning. The two digit number system is later, and that series of pipes was made from 1958 to 1968, but the number is undocumented as a shape thus far. What does it say under the shape number?
  11. crashthegrey

    What Else Do You "Cellar"?

    Just look up sheng puerh and review some faqs on Yunnan Sourcing. It's quite the rabbit hole.
  12. crashthegrey


    Absolutely one solution. Again, my standards are mine, but we can all help solve a problem.
  13. crashthegrey

    Where Are The Hot Tea Guru's?

    I am obsessed with tea. Have been doing it a long time and have a tea cellar. Lapsang, like many teas, varies in quality and smokiness. There are some really heavily smoked ones, but the majority of mass market are lighter because they assume the US market is not ready for the intensity. If you...
  14. crashthegrey


    Maybe I missed it, but are you smoking an aromatic blend? Looks like wet tobacco to me. I prefer far less dottle, or ash more often. You don't have any reason to live by my standards, however I'm guessing your tobacco is too wet for my tastes, and the cause of this.
  15. crashthegrey

    What Do You Call A 5-Pack Of Tins?

    Sleeve is proper in my opinion, but as a fellow puerh head, I have definitely said tong out of habit and believe that I now land squarely in the tong camp, knowing that there is at least one other out there now.
  16. crashthegrey

    How Long Will It Take to Sell This Pipe

    The week of the 11th of May.
  17. crashthegrey

    Bonus Podcast on Vintage Watches

    Sounds like a fun conversation. I recommend a Food for Thought on fountain pens.
  18. crashthegrey

    How to Pack "Kibble" Blends?

    Looks like you are talking about mixtures, cube cut and broken flake. The same basic rules apply, though. Anything chunky like that you can gravity feed and tamp very lightly. Once it is burning well you won't even really notice a difference.
  19. crashthegrey

    KBV Sakura

    Thank you for the reminder. I almost forgot to order before this sold out again. Picked up a few blends just to be safe.
  20. crashthegrey

    Created My Sampler

    That is a really nice introduction to different tobaccos. Keep exploring and enjoying, your thoughts on these will provide even better guidance.