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  1. Frozenoak

    To Vac Or Not

    I received a new Foodsaver in the mail today, for saving food. I am also debating whether to vac seal my bulk tobacco. I have a couple options as I purchased the Jar Sealer accessory as well. I currently re-pac all the bulks I receive without a box into 1/2 pint Kerr Smooth Wide Mouth jars...
  2. Frozenoak

    Tobaccos Exclusive To England

    I have a coworker going to Leeds for business next week. He’s amicable to buy me some tobacco and bring it back. What are some blends I should request? He passes a B&M in Leeds when he’s there. I don’t know how far $100US goes there but that’s my budget.
  3. Frozenoak

    How Often Do You Tamp?

    Towards the end of the year I began to wonder if I use my tamper to often. So, at the beginning of the January I decided to perform an experiment. After a successful light I’d put the tamper down and wait until I needed a relight before picking it back up. Then tamp and relight. I found it...
  4. Frozenoak

    Meerschaum Hard Shell Clasp Coming Loose

    One of my meer cases is loosing half of the clasps. Currently, it has lost one brad and the other is loose. Does anybody know where I can send this case to have it professionally repaired?
  5. Frozenoak

    Cask No. 7 VS Bullseye Flake?

    So, I've been doing some window shopping and I've noticed a marked resemblance between Comoy's: Cask No.7 and Peter Stokkebye: PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake. The difference in cost goes to Cask No.7 at about $0.55 per oz when buying a pound. Has anybody done a compare/contrast of the two? I...
  6. Frozenoak


    Sorry if this thread was started already but I couldn’t find it. Aside from the typical diet and exercise... my resolution this year is to finish a tin (or jar and shelve if I decide it’s not ready) before I open another. I feel like I have too many open tins, jars, vouches, and samples.
  7. Frozenoak

    Giving A Pipe For Christmas

    My brother was out for Thanksgiving and expressed an interest in my pipes. He is a cigarette smoker. I’m thinking about buying a “starter set” for him. Probably a Sav second, a Czech tool, a bundle of cleaners, and tobacco. I’m looking for recommendations on tobacco. I’m leaning towards a...
  8. Frozenoak

    This Thread Appears To Be Broken I get the following error; Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forums/threads/now-this-is-a-pipe-display.73069/unread on this server.
  9. Frozenoak

    Is There a List Of Banner Adds Somewhere?

    I was reading thorough the forums earlier and just as I hit Main Category I saw a banner add that caught my attention but it hasn’t popped back up. I see the list of venders but I’d really like to find that banner.
  10. Frozenoak

    Buy Two Smoke One

    I think I’ve adopted a new philosophy today. Every time I buy a tin I’m buying 2. I’ll smoke one and cellar the other. If I need another tin, I’ll buy 2 more, and so on. EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title
  11. Frozenoak

    Old Joe Krantz With Less Nic?

    I was in my local tobacconist's shop (The Tobacco Barn in Lake Forest, CA) recently asking about non-aromatics and the gentleman recommended a bulk blend called Grandfathers (a cube-cut? burley ), and a 2oz tin of Old Joe Krantz. I purchased both and had a bowl of each. I'm now out of Old Joe...