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  1. jeffro

    The Radiator Pipe

    I have two Kristen pipes a bent and straight stem. I like them but have not smoked them much after purchasing the Weibe pipes
  2. jeffro

    Corn Cob Sealer

    That Cob Mod looks like a burned up Marshmallow like you can get while trying to roast them over a camp-fire:eek:
  3. jeffro

    Funny And Odd Sayings From Our Elders

    Here are some very old sayings I heard before but I have wondered what the meanings where? " A stitch in time saves nine" "A month of Sundays" "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"
  4. jeffro

    Corn Cob Sealer

    Of the various cob modifications I have done in the past. I use plaster of paris mixed with watered down white school glue to fill in void spots or a crack. then stain the pipe or some-times leave it natural. then after final sanding finish the pipes with natural Shellac I purchase from a...
  5. jeffro

    The Radiator Pipe

    I have two Hekthor Wiebe pipes I love both of them One has the very long stem I use when reading and smoking. and other has a shorter stem I take with me while hiking and fishing. I love the fact that I can enjoy a cool dry smoke out of them when smoking Aromatic tobaccos. My routine clean up...
  6. jeffro

    Castello Pipe Experience

    AH HA! fjc62, you are the lucky guy that won the bid! :). I was bidding on that pipe also;), she is a beauty! Glad the hear you had a great trans-action and that it smokes great. But that is to be expected from Steve "pipe stud", And the Artisans from Castello!
  7. jeffro

    Favorite Youtube Tobacco Reviewer

    I regularly watch four different pipe smokers. 1. Bradly "Stuff and Things" 2. Mark "The Bremen Pipe Smoker " 3. Mike "Briar Blues" 4. Tom " NW Pipe Smoker" And I found A new Fellow I have been watching recently his Videos on You-tube are really top notch! Gabriel "Old Hollywood Briar" I used...
  8. jeffro

    Funny And Odd Sayings From Our Elders

    I have a friend that is a WW2 vet. and he uses these phrases sometimes. Well, that is really FUBAR'ed F**cked Up Beyond Repair. SNAFU, Situation Normal: All F**cked Up. Or I will ask him how his day is going and he would reply, SSDD! after I while I asked so what does SSDD mean? he said, Same...
  9. jeffro

    Funny And Odd Sayings From Our Elders

    Excellent thread! this is bringing back some memories! My Grandmother when startled would say "Oh My Stars And Garters!" I have no idea what that one meant? Here are a bunch sayings that my Grand Father used to say. And few my Parents use to say. More irritated than A cat on a hot tin roof ...
  10. jeffro

    Caught this in Return of the Jedi

    Mike, after seeing your post I remembered that Bo&JD of The Country Squire podcast did an Episode called Ewoks: The Pipe Smokers of Star Wars from November 27 2019. here is the link If anybody is interested. Ewoks: The Pipe Smokers of Star Wars
  11. jeffro

    Paronelli Pipes?

    I recently purchased a Paronelli Canadian shape pipe. Directly from Alberto, he his very nice and you can tell he loves sharing with others the history of his family's pipe company. The pipe I received smokes like a dream! here is a link to a video of the Peacheys Youtube channel when they had a...
  12. jeffro

    The Fish Files, Volume 2

    When I got back into this hobby of collecting pipes and tobacco I would always be anxious to see what pipe Sante The Fisherman would be posting on any given day, I was always Gobsmacked at the pipes he got a chance to acquire and smoke . Now that he is gone to a better place. I often wonder...
  13. jeffro

    Smokey Joe's in Fife

    Smokey Joe's lounge is great. and very comfortable but from Bellevue is a bit of a drive over to Fife/Tacoma area. If you are looking for someplace that is similar and much closer to Seattle/Bellevue , I would check out the. "Lit" smoking lounge at the Snoqualmie casino it is smaller that Smokey...
  14. jeffro

    Morgan Bones Artubus

    Dani, Yes my pipe is about two years old it was lighter in color when I purchased it. Some of the Artubus briar varies from a pinkish color to almost cream color when new and unsmoked. The unstained Morgan Bones pipes also color up nicely in time. :-)
  15. jeffro

    Morgan Bones Artubus

    I own a Morgan Bones Cherry Wood shape Arbutus. I love it; smokes like a dream and it is very light weight. I was apprehensive about the strawberry wood. But after owning one I am a fan of them now! :D
  16. jeffro

    Cross-eyed Cutty Confession

    I have always wanted A Tom Eltang rusticated cutty from the first time I laid eyes on one. Second pipe I would love to own is a Stanwwell Hans Christian Andersen cutty. The only cutty shape pipe I own is a Ropp Honoré de Balzac Church Warden with a very tiny bowl. I have sequestered it for...
  17. jeffro

    Netflix Caves to the Truth Initiative

    It makes me wonder if they will remove all movies and television shows that show smoking from their library. Two movies that come to mind that have pipe smoking scenes in them The Hateful-Eight and the Hobbit.
  18. jeffro

    Another Dunhill Tanshell Project

    I think you did a great job on the refurbishment on that old Dunny that has seen better days, now you have given this pipe a second life, just like Dr. Frankenstein did with his subject or "Monster" If all else failed I suppose you could have made it into a real monster pipe like Ollie Sylvester...
  19. jeffro

    Lovat dilemma

    I love a good Lovat shape pipe. I also recommend to look at French made pipes the Butz-Choquin Belami Lovat or the Chacom St. Claude 210 and the New Orleans. Lovats. Also, Rattray's makes a Lovat called Kyloe you might look into.
  20. jeffro

    Some Antique Store Rescues

    Wow! Shanez, great pipe finds and all out of one shop is really lucky! Every time I get a chance spend a bit of time in new city. I always try to find an antique mall or a few antique shops to visit. The fun part is in the hunting for old pipes. The icing on the cake is finding one or two that...