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  1. slrichman

    Illegal for the Underaged to Listen to a Pipe Smoking Discussion?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob Does anyone know of a state or national law that forbids the underaged from listening to, say, a podcast about pipe smoking? I've heard word to that effect, but I have hard time believing it. (How would it be enforced and wouldn't a warning...
  2. slrichman

    A Worm in My Bulk?

    After opening a just-arrived bag of bulk Va tobacco, a thin, short white worm appeared on the table right next to the bag. I've never seen such a thing in my house before. So it must have come from you know where. What should I do?
  3. slrichman

    FDA Begins Unannounced Inspections of Pipe Makers

    Read about it here:
  4. slrichman

    Pressed Meerschaum

    Is it a confirmed fact that pressed meerschaum will never, ever color? I have an inexpensive pressed meer pipe that smokes great and has a great bent-apple shape with a red lucite stemp. But having smoked it since April 2017, it has not turned at all. Is that the way it's gonna be? Thanks for...
  5. slrichman


    I now quite enjoy C&D Epiphany, a mix of Va/burleys/latakia/perique. All together they add up to a flavorful, full-bodied smoke. I like it in the morning, but anytime really. Epiphany is said to be similar to (Philip Morris) Revelation, which was Einstein's pick for a smoke. He had good taste. I...
  6. slrichman

    Rose of Latakia

    Yes, it's a McClelland, so good luck in finding it. But I had to say something. A few months ago my local tobacconist handed me the tin, dated 2007. It had been on the shelf a long time, but weirdly I paid it no mind. I only opened it up two weeks ago. It is the best latakia blend I have ever...
  7. slrichman

    GL Pease Haddo's Delight

    I had my first experience with Pease Haddo's Delight, which is quite a melange: VAs/burley/Green River black cavendish/perique. I can't pick out individual flavors, but the sum is sublime, and that's good enough for me. Highly recommended!
  8. slrichman

    GL Pease Embarcadero

    Acquired by chance, I am really enjoying this Virginia/Izmir blend. Very interesting!
  9. slrichman

    Deeming Regs

    Brian recently said a court struck down the FDA's reg regarding the labeling of tobacconists as manufacturers. He's jumped the gun, I'm afraid. What the court did was tell the FDA its legal grounds for that reg were weak and that it must come up with other grounds. Alas, it ain't over yet...
  10. slrichman

    Tobacco Jar with Clay Humidifier

    I've come into possession of my late dad's tobacco jar (with at least 40-year-old Captain Black inside!). Inside the lid is a huge and thick clay disk. Do I soak it in water? Distilled water? It doesn't seem super-absorbent, though it does eventually soak it up. Info appreciated. Sheldon
  11. slrichman

    Presbyterian Mixture

    I agree with Brian that Presbyterian Mixture is an excellent product. I really like it. Another great English is Peterson Wild Atlantic. Highly recommended.
  12. slrichman

    My Dad's Humidor

    This was dad's pipe-tobacco humidor. (He died in 1985.) My brother, who is sending it to me, says it still has tobacco in it. He smoked Captain Black, Granger, and Briggs, among other tobaccos.
  13. slrichman

    Prince of Wales Bulldog

    Twenty years ago I bought this bulldog from a fellow pipe-forum member. I recall paying about 20 bucks. After some research today I learned (from and that it's a GBD sub-brand, Prince of Wales. It says that and "Hand Made" on the shank. The acrylic stem sports the flag...
  14. slrichman

    A Gift from My Father About 50 Years Ago

    A Danish-made Celius Root Knight 13. Billiant smoker!
  15. slrichman

    Does Anyone Recognize This Pipe?

    Nearly 30 years ago I bought this pipe at Georgetown Tobacco in Washington, D.C. It couldn't have cost more than $60. On one side of the shank it says, "Georgetown"; on the other, "Imported Briar." No country of origin is given. The inner rim is beveled. I would like to know who made the pipe. I...
  16. slrichman

    Episode 293

    I was pleased to see how Gene Umberger's story parallels my own. My father gave me a pipe and a pouch of Middleton Cherry Blend when I was about 15 (over 50 years ago) to keep me away from cigarettes. I guess it worked, though I left Cherry Blend a long time ago. Thanks for the interview, Brian...
  17. slrichman

    A Hobby, Not a Habit

    I wanted to mention that I've started a modest blog, A Hobby, Not a Habit: Meditations on Pipe Smoking. It's at I hope you'll visit. Thanks. Sheldon
  18. slrichman

    Project Pipe-Making

    My idea for a new TV reality show. A Hobby, Not a Habit: Project Pipe-Making
  19. slrichman

    Italian-made with a Danish touch

    My latest is a Molina Appia. I'd say it's a bent apple with a Danish touch. I love it.
  20. slrichman

    A Dunhill Second?

    Twenty years ago I bought an estate pipe for $35-50 marked only "Made in London, England." I now realize it bears a remarkable resemblance to a Dunhill Shell 3205. It is well-drilled and quite light. However, the shank is a little longer and the stem shorter on mine. It smokes great. I wonder if...