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  1. pipesofsteele

    New Dunhill (Now Peterson) Re-release News

    According to an email from a communications consultant from Scandanavian Tobacco Group, recieved by Bradley of the STUFFandTHINGS YouTube channel, the new Peterson re-release of the Dunhill blends will make it's way to America by the end of 2019! Even earlier than previous rumors!! Hopefully...
  2. pipesofsteele

    Similar blends to Margate

    Hey fellow pipe smokers, I have recently come to find that I really enjoy Essoterica's Margate. In fact, it is one of the only English blends that I really enjoy so far (that and Mississippi River, if you count it). When it comes to English blends, I have really only smoked those, Dunhill My...
  3. pipesofsteele

    Missouri Meerschaum General?

    Hey gents, I'm thinking about getting the MM general bent for a longer smoke. I'll be doing a lot of manual labor and building over the summer. If you have experience with one, what do you think? How long of a smoke do you generally get out of it? Seems like it would hold a decently long smoke...
  4. pipesofsteele

    Poem about pipes

    I was looking through some old computer files today, and found a poem I wrote in my senior year of high school -- when I first started smoking a pipe. I don't quite remember what the prompt was, but I thought you guys might enjoy this! :puffy: “Pipe” A pipe The philosopher’s tool Expelling...
  5. pipesofsteele

    Pipe Smokers In WA?

    Sometimes it's real hard to find someone who will enjoy a pipe with you. Any pipe smokers from Washington state? Especially any people from Spokane or Kitsap county? :puffpipe:
  6. pipesofsteele

    Transition: Aros to Non-Aros

    It seems to me that many other pipe smokers have had this experience. They start out smoking only aromatics, but then they begin wanting something more... something different. Of course, that is not all of us, because many people absolutely love aromatics, and that is all they smoke, and there...