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  1. pipesofsteele

    Seattle Here

    Welcome from Bremerton! Right across the water of course 😁👍
  2. pipesofsteele

    First Ultimate Bowl

    I was taking a late night walk around my college campus with a bent Dr. Grabow pipe filled with none other than Orlick Golden Sliced. It was my first non-aro and still probably my favorite tobacco. I was just amazed by the delicious flavors. To make it even better, I experienced for the first...
  3. pipesofsteele

    If You Were Stranded On a Deserted Island With Only One Tobacco...

    Might have to be either Orlick Golden Sliced or SPC Mississippi River!
  4. pipesofsteele

    Hello from Basel, Switzerland!

    Big welcome from Washington state! :)
  5. pipesofsteele

    Peterson Dunhill In Stock at SP

    You beat me to the punch! Just got the email 😁
  6. pipesofsteele

    Recommendations For First Excursion Into Virginias

    Can't recommend Orlik Golden Sliced enough :col:
  7. pipesofsteele

    How Many Bowls a Day Do You Smoke?

    Schedule is tough, try to get one in each day but I usually get an average of 1-2 every 2 days. Doesn't help that my wife is pregnant and I try not to smoke in the same room! (Small house) puffy
  8. pipesofsteele

    Peterson or Savinelli?

    Just like most people on here I vote Savinelli... I just love their shapes and designs!
  9. pipesofsteele

    New Dunhill (Now Peterson) Re-release News

    Not sure about what is coming to America, but what I have seen so far on European websites is Nightcap, EMP, My Mixture 965, Elizabethan, Flake, Deluxe Navy Rolls, Royal Yacht, and Standard Mixture. I'm assuming those are all making it to America, but can't say for sure. Sad there is no Durbar :(
  10. pipesofsteele

    New Dunhill (Now Peterson) Re-release News

    According to an email from a communications consultant from Scandanavian Tobacco Group, recieved by Bradley of the STUFFandTHINGS YouTube channel, the new Peterson re-release of the Dunhill blends will make it's way to America by the end of 2019! Even earlier than previous rumors!! Hopefully...
  11. pipesofsteele

    Similar blends to Margate

    Jpmcwjr - Do your have any specific suggestions for GL Pease blends? I love what I've had of his and would love to try some others.
  12. pipesofsteele

    Similar blends to Margate

    Thank you all for the input. Now I got a few new tobaccos to put on my wishlist! :D I live in Washington so I'm hoping those retailers are able to ship there, I will check later today. 8)
  13. pipesofsteele

    Similar blends to Margate

    Hey fellow pipe smokers, I have recently come to find that I really enjoy Essoterica's Margate. In fact, it is one of the only English blends that I really enjoy so far (that and Mississippi River, if you count it). When it comes to English blends, I have really only smoked those, Dunhill My...
  14. pipesofsteele

    Pipe Humour (pic heavy)

    That frosty cartoon is hilarious!
  15. pipesofsteele

    Organizing Your Open Tobacco Tins

    Muttonchop piper has some pretty good ideas regarding storage on his channel! Here are two videos in which he talks about storage. Enjoy! :puffy:
  16. pipesofsteele

    Thankful For:

    My gorgeous, now pipe-smoking wife, sweet potato casserole, great craft beer, and Orlick golden sliced.
  17. pipesofsteele

    Elegance and grace, a female pipe smoker.

    I consider myself lucky to have a fiancé that appreciates my hobby and every once in a while has a pipe with me! :D
  18. pipesofsteele

    Pipes in Art Part 2

    Surprised no one has posted this one. The Card Players by Paul Cézanne, 2011. Sold for $250 million. :clap:
  19. pipesofsteele

    I Have Not Defected To Cigars

    I stick mainly to pipes, buthe enjoy a good cigar every once in a while - always with friends. Got a nice little humidor with about 15 sticks. :D
  20. pipesofsteele

    Missouri Meerschaum General?

    rolldog - I'll definitely look into that! I just saw that pipe the other day and looks fantastic! :D danhester - glad to hear it does well with VA blends, I'm turning into a real VA fanatic. :puffy: