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  1. mingc

    My Husband and Wife Pipe Set

    Silver Gray and Brad Pohlmann. They're both lovely smokers.
  2. mingc

    Sam Gawith Special Flakes 1, 2, 3 and 5 Are No Longer in Production

    I took a gander over to Synjeco's just to see if there was anything new on the site and saw "Production stop!" on SG Special Flakes 1, 2, 3 and 5. I know that Gawith has said that it will produce items that aren't on the stock list so long as mimnimum requirements are met, but Synjeco was the...
  3. mingc

    Santa Claus Vs. Tooth Fairy

    1. Who has the harder job, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy? 2. Are they in-fact the same person? Please discuss and in so doing please provide support for your assertions.
  4. mingc

    Does Anyone Else Find Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding SR Bland?

    I've always read that if you keep latakia around for too long, it looses its potency. Or that if you open a vintage tin, it might go flat in a couple of weeks, so smoke it fast. No? Me neither. I've had latakia blends from the 70s that were mighty tasty and oh so smoky. And stuff stored away for...
  5. mingc

    Samarra - A Fable

    Folks probably know that GLP's Samarra Limited Edition is going on sale tomorrow. Every time I hear the name of that town, I am reminded of this fable and its ironic closing twist: “The Appointment in Samarra” (as retold by W Somerset Maugham [1933]) The speaker is Death There was a merchant...
  6. mingc

    My New KJ Pipes Bamboo Blast

    I commissioned this from Kadesh Swanson aka KJ Pipes (who was interviewed on a Pipes Mag Radio Show a few years back). I gave him some constraints on material but the shape and choice of bamboo was all his. I think its gorgeous and am so pleased with it.
  7. mingc

    Germain Date Code

    It appears that that the current Germain date code has been deciphered. According to this YouTube chap, London Calling with Simon, he spoke with Robert Germain who told him that the letter is the year, with A=2016, B=2017, C=2018, D=2019, E=2020, etc., and the two numbers after the letter, the...
  8. mingc

    Dunhill Cavalier: Seeking General Info

    I've always been intrigued by the Dunhill Cavalier (and Il Ceppo's copy). I figure that even if it's a gimmick, it's still a Dunhill and would work reasonably well. Is the whole contraption besides the bowl and metal bowl attachment Ebonite? Or are the parts south of the stem some other...
  9. mingc

    Alright, Which One Of You Rascals Bought @Pipestud's Last Tin of Holly's Non Plus Ultra?

    It was there for years. Now it's gone. Fess up you degenerate! ;)😄
  10. mingc

    I Went Down To The Local B&M

    I went down to Rich's, my local B&M, and found some unobtanium. Please patronize your local B&M. (I left a tin for the next customer).
  11. mingc

    Twigs, Stems, Veins & Whatnot

    What do you do with the little twigs, stems, veins and whatnot that you find in your mix? Throw them out or stuff them in the pipe along with everything else? I'm wishy-washy about them. Sometimes I leave them in and sometimes I throw them out. It doesn't seem to make a difference.
  12. mingc

    Lo Cost Blowfish

    @condorlover1 asked me about the pipe in my avatar in a separate thread, so I thought I'd post here the pics from the ebay listing where I got it from: It's about 8 inches end to end. No fills as far as I can tell. All in all, a pretty extraordinary unit. The most extraordinary thing about it...
  13. mingc

    Seeking HU Recommendations

    For those who are experienced in the way of the HU, please can you give me some recommendations? My tastes are basically split in two. First, Lakelands--Ennerdale, Canon Plug, Grousemore, and second, Englishes--Margate, Commonwealth, Durbar, etc. I know I enjoyed GL Pease latakias too but I...
  14. mingc

    Help With Dating SG Tins

    Hey guys, is there anyway to date SG tins that don't have the new date code stickers? I understand that if they don't have the SG name in a red banner, they're from before 2011, but is there anyway to narrow the dates down? Here are the tins at issue:
  15. mingc

    What Is The Peterson Deluxe System Shape Number For A 312?

    Hey, Peterson fans, what is the Deluxe System shape number for what would be a 312 among Standard System models? Or do they not offer that shape in the Deluxe line?
  16. mingc

    Restored Pipe Finishing Advice Requested

    I got this for 12 American dollars, a push stem Woodie, made during the war, I suspect: It was the dirtiest pipe that I've had the privilege to work on. There was a thick layer of cake in it and cake in the draft hole. I still have to remove all of the oxidation off the stem. And I can still...
  17. mingc

    My Complaint to Peretti's

    I just sent the following email to Peretti's, after half my order came in underweight (for those who do not know, Peretti's English Sampler is 1 oz each of 4 different blends): "Hello, "I'm writing to express my displeasure with my last order, which was also my first order. My English Sampler...
  18. mingc

    What To Do About A Missing USPS "Delivered" Package

    Folks, I need your collective advice. An eBay seller sent a package by USPS to my office address, i.e., a lock box among others in the building mail room. Tracking says it was delivered yesterday. But it's not in my office's lock box. It's possible the postman left it in the wrong lock box...
  19. mingc

    TIL That There Are Bugs That Eat Horn

    I just saw this on pipe maker Chris Askwith's Instagram: a picture of a beetle eating a horn shank extension! Make sure yours are safe! Your horn extensions, that is, not your horn eating bugs. 🐞
  20. mingc

    A Belated Hello

    I started posting a bunch but have been remiss in introducing myself. Greetings from Portland, Oregon, USA. I've been smoking pipes on and off since around '04, I think. I like latakia bombs and Lakeland soaps. And Mixture 79 before it became all licorice. GLP and Murray Dunhill Englishes too...