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  1. pipestud

    Disaster Struck at Pipestud's Consignment Shop!

    All kinds of disasters have been occurring lately down here in Texas. COVID, of course, which has also struck the entire world. Record cold and ice & snow storms combined with an antiquated utility system left us without power for days, and we couldn't ride anywhere because our horses are not...
  2. pipestud

    Pipestud Needs More Pipe ID Help!

    Since you all obviously are better sleuths than I am, I am hoping that I can get help identifying the maker of two pipes. The first pipe is a real looker, but I sure don't recognize the nomenclature. It looks like a feline with the year of make under it. Any ideas? The second pipe is a large...
  3. pipestud

    Pipestud Begging For More Pipe Identification Help, Please

    I have a nice looking large bent billiard with Cumberland stem that came in, but I'm having no luck identifying the maker. As shown in one of the photos, it is simply three letters. Any ideas? Thanks! Steve
  4. pipestud

    Pipestud - Pipe Identification Help Needed!

    Hello Gang, Once again I need to see if there is a member here who can help me out. A consignor sent a nice pipe for me to sell, but even with a magnifying glass, I am not catching the name of the maker. I think there should be a law making all markings on a pipe in 12 point font and block...
  5. pipestud

    Pipestud - Need Help W/ Pipe Identification

    Howdy Gang, I promise that I'm not being lazy and want you guys to do my work for me (although that would be nice!) I have a pipe here to sell for a consignor who doesn't know who made it and I don't either. A photo of the pipe and nomenclature below. Anyone recognize the maker? Thanks! Steve
  6. pipestud

    Congratulations to Blue Room Briars on Their 4th Anniversary!

    Just wanted to offer my congratulations to Jesse and Scott for making it through their first four years of running Blue Room Briars! Two finer gentlemen cannot be found in our hobby. When I place an order with those boys, my confidence level on perfect fulfillment is a 12 on a scale of 1-10...
  7. pipestud

    Broken Pipe - Bob Swanson, Perry White Pipes

    After a courageous battle with Parkinson's Disease, Bob Swanson, maker of Perry White Pipes, passed away yesterday afternoon. Bob was one of our hobby's true gentlemen and was always very generous. In fact, a few years ago at the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas, Bob shocked me by gifting me...
  8. pipestud

    Pipestud Once Again Needs Pipe Identification Help, Please?

    This pipe is another from the collection of a deceased collector whose widow sent me his pipes. She doesn't have a clue who made this one and, ashamedly, neither do I. I guess you should really call me Pipedud! The pipe is Danish is style but I sure don't recognize the nomenclature. Any help...
  9. pipestud

    Poor Old Pipestud Needs Help Again

    Yes, I've reached the age where I'm starting to be more forgetful. That's why I am glad I am a member of a forum full of not only old guys like me but a bunch of youngsters with still fully functional minds. So, I'm working on a Mastro de Paja this morning for eBay. I get to the nomenclature...
  10. pipestud

    Pipestud's Mystery Pipe - Help Please!

    Howdy Ladies and Gents, I received a very nice Danish looking pipe as part of an estate dispersal for the widow of a deceased collector. She knows nothing about her late husband's pipes and can't identify the maker of this one. It is extremely well made and of high quality all the way. But, I...
  11. pipestud

    A Potential eBay Consignor Funny

    So, I get an email from a lady whose husband had passed away. He had about a dozen Charatan's Make pipes in his collection that she said were in good, clean condition but she didn't know anything about pipes and wanted to go the consignment route rather than sell them herself on eBay. I asked...
  12. pipestud

    eBay Dandy That May Lighten Your Mood

    On occasion, I like to repeat some of the crazy things that happen in the life of an eBay Pipe Re-Seller. In celebration of my 19th year of selling pipes on eBay, I thought I'd pull out one of my all-time favorite occurrences during my eBay selling career. Well, it wasn't a favorite when it...
  13. pipestud

    How To Fight H.R. 2339 Legislation

    For any of you who want to make your voice heard regarding the new proposed H.R. 2339 Tobacco Legislation, here is a way to do it -...
  14. pipestud

    25 New Old Stock Pipes Just Listed on

    Howdy Gang, I just listed a total of 25 New in the Box Old Stock Pipes that hail from the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. All are known brand names from well respected and long-time pipe making factories like the old Stanwell factory in Denmark, the Savinelli factory in Italy, and the Chacom factory...
  15. pipestud

    Pipe ID Help Please - Pipestud

    I have a pipe sent to me by the widow of a deceased collector and she has no idea who the maker is and neither do I. A Sherlock Holmes I am not and my pitiful research turned up nothing. the logo on the shank of the pipe is the same as the logo on the pipe sleeve that came with it. Any help...
  16. pipestud

    Help Identifying a Pipe Please & Thank You!

    Here's another pipe sent to me by a consignor who doesn't know who made it. The logo does look familiar to me but at my age, remembering what I ate for dinner last night is challenging. Here are a couple of photos of the pipe and any help will be much appreciated!
  17. pipestud

    Pipestud - Pipe Identification Help Please

    Hello Ladies and Gents, I am asking (once again), for help. I received this pipe to sell and the owner does not know the maker and neither do I. The only stamping is on the base of the bowl. It says, IPE. Any help will certainly be appreciated.
  18. pipestud Forum is Just Plain Fun!

    Howdy Gang, I absolutely love Internet pipe forums and especially - by far, the best on the Internet (IMO). I joined my first one back in 1999 with the old ASP forum (you are dating yourself if you remember that one), and have been going strong ever since. It is a great way to...
  19. pipestud

    Pipestud Needs Peterson Pipe Identification Help Please!

    Howdy Gang, I currently have a Peterson's pipe on eBay that I thought was a Pre-Republic pipe, but received an email through the eBay messaging system that now has caused me some concern. I am not even close to being a Peterson's expert (or, an expert on anything for that matter), and have come...
  20. pipestud

    A Shout Out To The Greater Kansas City Pipe Club

    These Ladies & Gentlemen recently put on another swell show. If you've never had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of the Greater Kansas City Pipe Club's hospitality, you will not be disappointed if you put that show on your list for next year. My kudo's to them here -...