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  1. duffer

    How Many of You Lucky Dogs Get to Smoke Inside?

    I smoke in my home office. Air purifier, exhaust fan, weatherstripping around the door and a towel at the base. No worries from the wife.
  2. duffer

    West Coast Pipe Show—Roll Call

    I will be there also...look forward to seeing all
  3. duffer

    Got Radice?

    I have three all great smokers and keepers
  4. duffer

    What Do You Carry Every Day?

    Usually a two pipe fake leather zipper pouch with pipe cleaners, a Czech tool, Zippo with pipe insert, baggie with tobacco and a Dan Wesson Guardian.
  5. duffer

    Roll Call - West Coast Pipe Show

    I am all set. Live there so it’s easy for me.
  6. duffer

    I Told You I Was Going to Buy a Caminetto! Pics for Proof...

    Congrats. Very cool pipe
  7. duffer

    Interesting Radice Article

    Radice pipes are a great value. Very well engineered
  8. duffer

    My First Castello

    Congrats. I have four and they are all great smokers
  9. duffer

    Because PipesMagazine Doesn't Allow Political Discussions

    My pipe helps me forget about politics
  10. duffer

    You Say Tomahto I Say Tomato

    Love that pipe. I have a Stanwell Squashed Tomato and it smokes great
  11. duffer

    320 Reasons Why I Guess I'll Still Use Ebay!

    Nice. This shape is on my short list
  12. duffer

    How Many Tins or Jars in Your Cellar?

    Been smoking 7 months and have about 10 lbs stashed. In got a long way to go
  13. duffer

    Question About Your Local Tobacco Shop

    I travel a lot for work. I frequent Both &M's. If they have a lounge i always buy at minimum a tin. I seldom open it - usually goes to my cellar. I made an exception last week as I was in San Diego.. I bought a tin of 3-year old Brunello Flake. I opened and tried it as they had 3 more. I...
  14. duffer

    Talk About Luck!

    Wow! Great score
  15. duffer

    Pipe Club Of London - Pipe Of The Year 2017 PAD

    One beautiful pipe!
  16. duffer

    Left or Right Sided Smoker

    Never thought about it before. Right handed but hold left
  17. duffer

    TAD Rehab

    You have good taste
  18. duffer

    Hasnt cracked yet

    Just getting broken in.