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  1. Civil War

    How Do You Hold Your Pipe In Your Mouth?

    So, typically I hold my pipe in my teeth towards the front side of my mouth with the stem opening pointing towards my tongue/cavern of my mouth. I tend to get the most flavor that way, but it makes my jaw tired if I clench it for a while. I recently saw the movie "The Dig", on Netflix, and...
  2. Civil War

    My 6+ Month Review of Mac Baren's HH Rustica

    I have been smoking Mac Baren's HH Rustica for over six months now, going through several tins. This has become one of my staple go-to tobaccos. I particularly like to smoke a flake/stick in the morning with a cup of dark coffee. Makes for a nice start to the day. The opening tin note is...
  3. Civil War

    Moving Art

    Netflix has a program called Moving Art. It shows different places around the world and the photography is absoltuly stunning. I love to sit in the morning drinking a strong cup of dark coffee, smoking some Rustica and traveling to different parts of the world from the comfort of my home.
  4. Civil War

    Got My Sun Bear

    I've been smoking and enjoying last year's batch, and I ordered 8 tins of this year's batch.
  5. Civil War

    HH Rustica, A Real Head Swimmer

    Fantastic flavor, but I can only smoke half a small bowl before my head stats swimming and I have to set my pipe down.🤢
  6. Civil War

    Anyone Try Out the New Cobblestone Pipe Tobaccos Yet?

    They looked interesting, they use different spirits as toppings.
  7. Civil War

    How Do You Properly Pronounce Charatan?

    Charatan is often miss-pronounced and I was wondering the correct way to pronounce it. Is it Char-a-tan as in charcoal -or- Chair-a-tan and in a chair
  8. Civil War

    Drop Shipment of Rattray's at Black Cat Cigar Company

    FYI, if anybody is interested, Black Cat Cigar Company just received a drop shipment of Rattray's. They have a user friendly website.
  9. Civil War

    Cornell & Diehl Small Batch Sun Bear Pipe Tobacco

    Being Released today.
  10. Civil War

    Books: The Peterson Pipe, The Story of Kapp & Peterson

    FYI; Now available at
  11. Civil War

    Gawith Hoggarth & Co

    Anyone know what is going on with Gawith Hoggarth & Co, their tobaccos are becoming increasing difficult to find. and P& are basically sold out. Is this the new norm for all English made tobaccos?
  12. Civil War

    25% off Ashton Artisan's Blend at

    FYI, 25% off Ashton Artisan's Blend ($6.85/tin) at One of my favorite blends.
  13. Civil War

    Cornell & Diehl: Carolina Red Flake available at

    Now available at
  14. Civil War

    In stock at SP Dan Tobacco: Midnight Ride

    If anybody is interested
  15. Civil War

    Pumpkin Spice Tobacco Suggestions

    Now that's it fall, any suggestions on a good Pumpkin Spice Tobacco
  16. Civil War

    The Dawn Corus

    The Birds - The Dawn Corus
  17. Civil War

    Drew Estate Meat Pie

    Just finishing up my last tin of Drew Estate Meat Pie tonight. RIP
  18. Civil War

    Peach Pipe Tobacco for the Summer

    Any suggestions on a good Peach tobacco for the summer. Thanks!!
  19. Civil War

    Pipe Smoking Is Like Ice Skating

    Pipe smoking is like ice skating. When you are first starting out it looks a whole lot easier than it really is. After you have been doing it for a while it is as easy as it looks.
  20. Civil War

    McClelland: Craftsbury: Frog Morton Out Of Stock at SP

    Taps heard quietly in the distance.