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  1. Civil War

    How Much do You Keep on Hand?

    Apparently, I like tobacco more than money.
  2. Civil War

    How Much do You Keep on Hand?

    I'm set for at least three life times. Probably a little overkill. At least I'll have what I want when I want it, and it will be all well aged when I smoke it.
  3. Civil War

    Clever or Stupid? Drying My Pipe.

    I'm not sure you want your pipe dripping into your computer. Computers typically don't like pipe spit dripping into them. rotf
  4. Civil War

    If You had to Choose Only One Tobacco

    Cornell @ Diehl Bayou Morning. Seems to be the tobacco I reach for when I don't want to think about what I am reaching for.
  5. Civil War

    New S Yanik Freehand Meerschaum "Manta"

    Beautiful Yanik pipe, enjoy!
  6. Civil War

    C&D Smokingpipes Sale per Their Email

    Ended up picking up some (5lbs) Bayou Morning. Bayou Morning tends to be my go to tobacco whenever I want to smoke my pipe, and I don't want to think about what I want to smoke.
  7. Civil War

    Mac Baren Latakia Rolls

    Thanks for the review.
  8. Civil War

    No More Tongue Bite

    I agree, everybody's chemistry is different. I've been smoking pipes since college and for the last 30 years I have had to manage some level of tongue bite no matter what technique I try, or how I prepare the tobacco, or what I do after smoking a pipe. It's ok, a slight irritation (sometimes...
  9. Civil War

    Finally Prepared Cringle Flake The Right Way

    Thanks for the processing tip.
  10. Civil War

    Another Mac Baren Limited Edition

    Going to pass on this one, I have enough tobacco to last three lifetimes. Need to get my TAD under control.
  11. Civil War

    New Cat Pipe

    Nice pipe, enjoy
  12. Civil War

    Meerschaum Market IPSD Sale Purchase

    Nice pipe
  13. Civil War

    Check Those New Cob Pipes Before You Smoke Them.

    I'm not a cob fan, so I would have thrown it in the fire before I smoked it. :ROFLMAO:
  14. Civil War

    Your Go to Morning Blend

    Mac Baren HH Rustica and a cup of black coffee
  15. Civil War

    IPSD 2021

    I hung out all day smoking my pipe.
  16. Civil War

    Plugs, Flakes & Ganja Grinders.

    Thanks for the post, I think I'll give one a try.
  17. Civil War

    Meerschaum Fairies?

    From the title I thought this was going to be a different thread.
  18. Civil War

    New Lights in Pipe Display Cabinet.

    Nice display!
  19. Civil War

    Solani Aged Burley Flake

    Thanks for the review
  20. Civil War

    How Do You Hold Your Pipe In Your Mouth?

    Yeah, that's similar to how I hold my pipe, other than I tend to clench it just in front of my right canine.