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  1. youngsmoker

    Two Month Meerschaum Progress

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Started coloring my meerschaum pipe pretty impressed with the coloring on it what do you guys think? Before and after
  2. youngsmoker

    Is This Tobacco Smokeable?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Opened this 6 year tin of escoterica tobacco Margaret and has white stuff on it seems dusty and the whole strand of tobacco sparkles, I'm not for sure if its mold or not? never had tobacco with this on it before doesn't smell bad or anything either
  3. youngsmoker

    Mouth Feels Clean After Smoking?

    Does anyone else get the sensation as if there mouth is clean after smoking orientals? I'm just curious to know why this happens. Edit: Corrected capitalization in title per Rule #9, L. Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine
  4. youngsmoker

    Storing Tobacco?

    I want to buy lbs of diffrent tobacco to smoke out of I don't really want to age them I just want a large variety of diffrent blends so I thought about buying mason jars with the rubber seals and latch, so my question is how long would it keep fresh I don't want to seal because I will be opening...
  5. youngsmoker

    Anyone Else Anti Social?

    Just curious if anyone is the same as me I avoid people and hate talking to other people they mainly just talk about bs or the same thing and drama all the time and I guess I don't care anymore about freinds and relationships because of the drama and bs so I just spend time doing what I want but...
  6. youngsmoker

    Tar in Tobacoo?

    Curious to know if low nicotine in tobacco means less tar and also what kind has the most and least tar. [Edited by Kevin to fix the title for capitalization and spelling.]
  7. youngsmoker

    Gum Disease?

    Hi I think I may have gum disease, when I smile I don't notice my gums inflamed at all but if I lift up my lip and look it looks inflamed with a little white so I haven't smoked in 2 days and been flossing and using mouth wash with my brushing I'm jyst curious if anyone else has had this...
  8. youngsmoker

    How Long Have You Been a Pipe Smoker?

    Curious to see how long other people have been smoking its been 1 year for me. Edit: Corrected capitalization in title per Rule #9, L. Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine
  9. youngsmoker

    Got Strange Looks Smoking?

    I was smoking a curch warden in public and got really strange looks and people asking me if it was drugs I'm guessing its because the way I dress, I was wearing a name brand button up shirt a tight pair of black name brand tight fitting jeans some new nikes and my dads gold rolex but it seemed...
  10. youngsmoker

    What Pipe I Buy?

    I bought a church warden pipe it has gh and eu marked on it I'm thinking its a gawith hoggrath pipe?
  11. youngsmoker

    How Much do You Guys Smoke a Week?

    Just curious to see how much other people smoke on here I smoke about 1oz.a week or less which I think isn't a lot compared to most people since its only 1 bowl a day or sometimes none a day Edit: Corrected capitalization per Rule #9, L.
  12. youngsmoker

    How Do U Keep Teeth White?

    I smoke one bowl a day and use filters I'm just curious how this will effect my teeth over time so is there a way to keep them white and continue to smoke and also is there certain tobaccos with aot less tar? Edit: Corrected capitalization in title per Rule #9, L.
  13. youngsmoker

    Anyone Here From Missouri?

    Just curious if theres any other people living here near springfield, MO that shop at justforhim. Edit: Edited for content, L.
  14. youngsmoker

    What Kinds of Tobacco Should I Try?

    Hello I just joined and wanted to get some insight on some other things I should try so far I have tried a bunch of blends and diffrent tobaccos so far I like latakia blends the most and virginas but I was curious to find out is there really any aromatics that have the same taste as they smell...