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  1. EvertonFC

    Tongue Bite, Smoking Technique, and 9MM Activated Charcoal Filters

    This post if strictly intended for any new pipe smokers who may be struggling with tongue bite. On two separate occasions, I've sold all my pipes, tossed my tobacco, and went back to cigars. On this 3rd attempt, I went back into the hobby even more determined. However, I just kept getting...
  2. EvertonFC

    How To Clean A Lighter?

    I have a silver Kiribi lighter. Over the course of time, the outer part (near the flame) has become caked in black. What is the best way to clean this up? Thank you.
  3. EvertonFC

    Perhaps A Dumb Question: Packing Aromatics

    When a tobacco has inherently more moisture or a heavy casing, should it packed differently (firmer vs. looser) than one that's drier or with minimal casing? I can't tell you how many times I've read a review on a tobacco that's just flat out goopy and reviewers on TobaccoReviews will claim...
  4. EvertonFC

    Question: Bowl Size (Cut vs. Blend Type)

    I just bought a pipe with a fairly sizable bowl: Bowl Height: 2.02 in Chamber Depth: 1.84 in Chamber Diameter: 0.87 in I've always heard that certain cuts, or perhaps certain blend types/families, do better in different shapes or bowl sizes. So, two questions: Which does bowl size impact...
  5. EvertonFC

    An Important Lesson Learned

    Like so many people new to the hobby, I was struggling with bowls regularly going out. As I continued to read this forum, the one thing that got stuck in my head was the mantra, "The tobacco should be drier than you think and the bowl should be packed looser than you think". Unfortunately, as it...
  6. EvertonFC

    Second Half of the Bowl...

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) I'm finding that as a I get closer and closer to the bottom of the bowl, the tobacco seems less and less interested in taking a light and subsequently staying lit. I would assume that's because moisture has built up in the bottom of my bowl. For...