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  1. Sweet Home Alabama

    American Civil War Pipes

    I love knowing the histories of most things. For me, it makes the using all the more enjoyable. Having seen photos of CW soldiers with their pipes, I was surprised to see them smoking briar looking pipes. Usually bent stem versions. I was expecting clay. Do you have old pipes in your...
  2. Sweet Home Alabama

    Love for Lovats, Anyone?

    My new favorite shape is the Lovat. I found a Col. Henry Frazier recently and look forward to using soon. I realize there are Lumberman, Liverpool, and Canadian of similar design. Please share your thoughts.
  3. Sweet Home Alabama

    Custom or Brand?

    I have the opportunity of either a custom, freehand type or a branded Savinelli author shape and I cannot decide. What have you seasoned pipe smokers done when faced with this option? Thank you in advance.
  4. Sweet Home Alabama

    Preferred Pipe Shape

    I am surprised that upon doing a search I didn't come across a thread which focused on shape preference related to pipe enjoyment and use. If I am not correct, please advise. For whatever reason, I love the "author" shape. When I looked at old Kaywoodie catalogues from the '30's on, the...