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    Getting Consistently Good Experiences With FVF

    I found a "tobacco shop" that had 5-6 year old tins of fvf. Smoked it fine and was so good. Bought a box and used up a lot trying to get it to burn... How fine do you have to rub it out? I feel like it's chunky and doesn't compress together well leaving me with air pockets that don't stay lit
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    Does Savinelli Offer The Most Extensive Selection?

    When did savinelli start making pipes? I really wish they didn't default to 6mm, the adapter isn't a solution I like. Love 70s savinellis, though. Love their shape catalog, and if I could get a 504/121/904 with flawless briar I'd be the happiest dude.
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    Smoking Savinelli Filter Pipes Without Filter: Adapter or Not?

    Not a fan of modern savinellis because the adapter is okay at best, and I hated cleaning the chamber if I didn't use it. Cobs without adapters are way too open for me as well
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    What is Happening to the Rim of My New Pipe?

    I had a rossi from the era where the finished just straight up bubbled off. You'd think savinelli would get pipe finishing down after how many years in business?
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    Lee Van Cleef’s Timeless Meer

    Is one replica better than the other? Been eyeing one for a while
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    What's The Rap On The Bulldog Shape?

    My favorite pipe shape - love edges and the diamond shank. They have to have a saddle stem, though
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    Not Many Ascorti's Get Posted

    I like a lot of the old caminettos, but the modern radice/ascorti look so weirdly proportioned. They also tend to be in huge sizes
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    Royal Yacht

    Royal Yacht definitely tastes like virginia topped with british plum perfume It is to a va/per what egg cream is to a milkshake (a cheap facsimile that's interesting in its own right)
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    Why Are Some Tins So Big?

    Isn't there a European requirement mandating a minimum size for warning?
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    Really Bad Names for Tobacco...

    That's not a new dagner blend?
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    Straight Grain vs Birdseye vs Craggy

    Ken posts here from time to time, right? Are his new pipes made under his name? Always loved charatans and upshalls!
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    Straight Grain vs Birdseye vs Craggy

    I have to know, what are these two?
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    Anyone UP For a 1400.00 Savinelli?

    I wanted a giubileo d'or since I generally like savinelli's shapes - but man, their grading is super inconsistent. I've seen stunning pieces that would be high grade autographs, and I've seen stuff where I thought, "why's this not a punto Oro, at best" I had a 4 digit billiard that I thought...
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    "Giubileo d'Oro" What's In The Box? (Photo Heavy)

    Are the stems 6mm filtered? That bothered me more than the arcylics
  15. G

    Best Approach To Keep Rims From Excess Charring?

    I managed to scratch a pipe bowl while wiping build up with a dry paper towel... Must have had a piece of grit on it. Keep the flame off the bowl, and don't let the flame sit in one spot too long
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    Have Smooth Grain Finishes Edged Out Of Fashion?

    Blast and smooth for me. I like wood's natural grain. Corallo/sea rock is the only rustication I like.
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    Highest Recommended McClelland Virginia

    No love for the blend you need a blowtorch to smoke, dark star?
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    What A Joke

    Wealthy Chinese dudes love their pipes. One of the Nat Sherman guys told me that's their main clientele for high end castellos etc. Chinese luxury is also about brand names and rarity. As a poor Chinese American, I'm not even sure if they necessarily like the guy end good they're consuming, but...
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    FVF Not Working For Me

    I've had some magical smokes out of fvf - but most of the time I feel like I'm wasting tobacco - bone dry and barely packed is the only way I can get it smoking
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    Wood at the Bottom of Missouri Meerschaum Bowls

    Do the wood plugged models also have the shank sticking in? What about the wood pipes that MM make?