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  1. smittyd

    Gawith Spotted 9-18-20 has some goodies right now!
  2. smittyd

    New To Me Upshall Should be receiving this in the mail tomorrow. Pretty excited..and I only paid 72 dollars! I dont know much about James Upshall pipes , so any info would be appreciated.
  3. smittyd

    New To Me Randy Wiley

    I just received my new to me Randy Wiley, which I got for 29 bucks. Can't beat that price. Can't wait to try it out!
  4. smittyd

    50/50 Mix's

    Something I really enjoy, is a 50/50 mix of St. James Flake and Autumn Evening. What's your favorite mix?
  5. smittyd

    Stem Hole Too Small.

    I recently got a pipe from a friend. I love the pipe, but the stem hole is way to small. It is a bent stem. Is there any way to drill this out bigger.
  6. smittyd

    Alexander Briar Pipes

    Has anyone heard of these? I have been looking at them on ebay and they look like very nice pipes.
  7. smittyd

    Amber Stem Loose

    I was gifted a very old and very beautiful CFP briars bulldog with a am Dr stem. The stem is a screw in kind. It screws In perfectly and stops when it should, however it is very loose and tends to unscrew with the weight of the bowl. Any suggestions?
  8. smittyd

    Peterson Pipe Any Info?

    I just acquired this Peterson. Does anyone have any info on it? Its a odd shape. Its marked as a James Joyce pipe from the Author series. I saw it and had to have it. I am curious as to how many were made and if anyone else has seen them before.
  9. smittyd

    Get It Quick

    I was able to get a tin of Margate and a tin of Pembroke at The Country Squire today. I know they are not what most are looking for, but since I have not tried anything from Esoterica, it's kind of a cool find for me!
  10. smittyd

    My New Buddy!

    I just got a early Christmas present from my wife! She told me we were driving to West Virginia, just for a little time away...then surprise!
  11. smittyd


    I had one of those elusive perfect smokes last night. You know the one...when the blood gift has been given and all the stars align correctly! Anyway i was smoking Bow legged bear, which has been one of my favorites for awhile now, but for some reason last night all the flavors seemed to jump...
  12. smittyd

    Interesting Mix

    Last night i could not decide between the mild and relaxing Rattray's Dark Fragrant and the bold S&G's Black Twist. So i did what red blooded pipe smoker would do, and i had both. A 50%-50% mix. It was very interesting. Of course it was a strong kick but i also got a lot of brown sugar flavors...
  13. smittyd

    S&G's FVF

    Yesterday i found FVF at I picked up 5 tins. Not sure how much is left but i know they still have some for all who are interested. They also had S&G's Navy flake. Happy Hunting!
  14. smittyd

    Penny's On The Dollar-Worth It?

    So I just got this Nording the title says penny's on the dollar, and i would like to know more about it. I now the Erik Nording name, but very little about his pipes. This one has a #2 on the shank. Feels great in the hand. I smoked it last night with 50% Balken Supreme and 50% Irish...
  15. smittyd


    4 Noggins has Marlin flake if anyone is interested. I was able to stock my self up for awhile. Happy hunting!
  16. smittyd

    A Gift To Myself

    I have been struggling with major PAD lately, and i finally gave in.
  17. smittyd

    What's The Strongest Aromatic

    Just curious, what in your opinion is the aromatic tobacco available.Strong in body and nic hit. I can't wait to hear your opinions!
  18. smittyd

    MyFirst Savinelli

    After some advice from the Captain himself, I chose the Savinelli 904 shape. I got a good deal on a Savinelli 904 Luxor Model.
  19. smittyd

    Bad B&M

    I spent the weekend at a B&B with my wife in Gettysburg Pa over the weekend. We live about 45 mins from there so every now and then its fun to hang out for the weekend. There is always lots to do and see there. This time i saw online that a newer Cigar and pipe shop had opened up in that city...
  20. smittyd

    Summer Heat Ruining My Smokes

    I live in central Pa. Right now we are having a heat wave! Temps are in the upper 90's and with the dew point it feels like 110 degrees. For the last 2 days, no matter what tobacco I choose to smoke, and no matter what pipe i smoke it in...All tastes like ass! Anyone else ever have this issue?