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  1. klause

    FS - Comoy, Gamboni, Tarp, Petersons, Zenz (27/04/21).

    All prices include post within Europe - outside Europe add €15 tracked. PayPal F & F, please. Comoys, London Made (1913) - €120 Orific Amber stem, chamber absolutely perfect. Band is rock solid - looks like a split, but is actually an 'underlap' fit. Lovely little pipe. Peterson B10...
  2. klause

    FS: Petersons, Celius, Faaborg, Vitale, Meerschaum (02-01-21)

    Price includes postage within Europe. Outside Europe add €15 (tracked). Payment by PayPal F&F, please. Peterson Dublin 2 (1918) - €150 Pipe bowl is internally perfect, slight knock on rim. Minor tooth marks on stem. No COM. Approx 5 1/2" by 1 1/2". Peterson 309 Aboriginal Rustication -...
  3. klause

    Peterson Meerschaum Tankard

    Peterson Meerschaum Tankard Aboriginal Rustication Pipe has new acrylic stem, by Petersons. Approx length 5", height 1 3/4". Edited to keep as discussion/informational thread on an interesting and seemingly rare pipe - Bob
  4. klause

    RD Pipes - Nose-Warmer Bulldog

    I’ve been collecting and smoking pipes for just over 35 years, and in that time I managed to amass quite a sizable collection that ranged far and wide, across time, brands and individual carvers. Last year I had a minor epiphany resulting in a purge, to say the least, and I sold the bulk of my...
  5. klause

    G. Penzo Commissions

    A picture is worth a thousand words! Morta Skater Strawberry Wood Panel Skater Giacomo is a Gentleman, and his work is stunning - he creates functional art.
  6. klause

    Bestik Pipe

    First New pipe in ages. Alexsandr is an absolute gentleman to deal with. Now, I wait for the Postie to do his job!
  7. klause

    Five Stubby Sisters

    Afternoon All, Got these a little while ago and just thought I'd let you see what I saw when I opened the box. To say I smiled broadly would be an understatement. The 2 with silver bands are City DeLuxe, and the other three are Monarchs.
  8. klause

    Vintage 'Log Cabin'

    Some days all the stars align and things just go swimmingly! Yesterday was such a day, and the crowning glory of a great day was the discovery and purchase of three tins of 'Log Cabin', 6 ounces of tobacco, for considerably less than I would pay for the equivalent amount of a new blend in the...
  9. klause

    Help Identifying Mystery Freehand

    Afternoon All, I've come across this marvelous pipe (bottom of pic): It appears to be a repair job on the stem: I can make 'Asbur..' And 'Selected Q', presumably 'Selected Quality'. There are marks on the Silver cap, but they are not English hallmarks as far as i can tell: And the stem has a...
  10. klause

    The Travelling Pipe Tamper

    Over the years I’ve made a few pipe tampers – some quite simple, and others a little more ornate. Depending on what I want they can take anything from 1 -3 hours to carve. All of them are functional and perfectly suited for their intended purpose. When people see them I am usually asked how they...
  11. klause

    "1930's Old Tobacco Pipe...

    ...With Hallmarked Silver Band." Well, that's what the listing title said, so I opened it for a quick look and saw: A Bulldog - my favourite shape, so I looked a little closer... ..forward canted bowl - old style - orifice button... ..badly oxidized stem! No! Wait a minute - that's horn...
  12. klause

    Peterson Cutty

    Afternoon, All. Has anyone come across a Peterson like this before? It's 'Made in Ireland', so pre-republic. I have a rubbling in the tummy that says the stem is not quite right! So, if anyone has a picture of one of these, can you post it, please, so I can compare stems? Thanks.
  13. klause

    David Enrique: Squat Rhodesian

    I've had this pipe in my hands since last Thursday. When it arrived and I finally held it words failed me....I was utterly speechless. This pipe is just so beautiful, so perfect......light, so light.....the grain!!!!!!!!....... The blast, sweet lord, the blast.......and, that stem and...
  14. klause

    Peterson Pipe Mystery - Any Help?

    Afternoon All, I picked up a gorgeous little pipe recently, and it's a bit of a mystery to me. It's the one at the bottom of the Picture: Top pipe is for scale (a standard Pete), but for accuracy, it's 4.5 inches long and the bowl is 1 1/4 inches tall. The only markings are: Petersons (over...
  15. klause

    David Enrique Eskimo Commission

    I've spent many years collecting Danish and Old British pipes, but every now and then I branch out. I've had an idea for a pipe I would like for sometime now, something out of the norm; but who to ask to have a go at making it for me? I've been following David Enrique's work for a long time and...
  16. klause

    Misterlowercase Banned??

    Heard a rumour! Noticed some of his posts have been deleted !! Also noticed many images in threads he contributed to have disappeared!!! If this is true, it's a sad day for us all......
  17. klause

    Vintage Meerschaum Ebay Score

    I came across a lovely little pipe on Ebay with a non-to-good description and took a punt on it. I spent ages trying to see the hallmarks on the pipe by magnifying the photo, but to no avail. This is the listing : Vintage Meer. Well, it arrived this morning. Its in pristine condition, with a...
  18. klause

    Tim Hynick Bullcap

    This is a complete change of direction for me. I saw it and it was like I'd been struck by a lightening bolt. It's beautiful. Now I wait for the postman.
  19. klause

    Masta Patent - Military Mount

    This one surprised me when I removed the stem: I saw this: Never seen a military mount like it. Had a look around, and it seems it's one of these: It's kind of like a Peterson System.
  20. klause

    3 Vintage Brits - Barling, Comoys, WHC

    These came from fleaBay - poor photos, and even worse description - the kind of listing I absolutely love ;-) They are all near perfect, with just the slightest hint of char on the Barling in a small spot. The stems do not have the slightest hint of a tooth mark. Comoys - 1913 Barling - 1908...