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    FS Dunhill, Vintage Syrian, McClelland's Bombay, Scotch Cake, Petersons's 3-29-21

    Dunhill Standard & Mellow Mix (2012-16) =$10 a tin. Gawith Scotch Cake (2012) = $10 a tin. Peterson's Sherlock Holmes = $10 a tin Vintage Syrian = $50 a tin McClelland's Bombay Court = $50 a tin PM Me if interested.
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    FS -Mac Barren Vintage Syrian, Dunhill Standard and Mellow & Other Blends (3-10-21)

    For Sale: MacBarren Vintage Syrian (2012-13) = $60 a tin Dunhill Standard and Mellow Blend (2012-16) = $20 a tin Petersons Sherlock Holmes (2012) = $10 a tin Gawith Broken Scotch Cake (2012) = $15 a tin All tins are sealed, never opened and in great condition. PM Me for details.
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    Apocalypse WW1 (Pipes O'Plenty

    Anyone else ever watch Apocalypse World War 1? First, it is a great documentary series. Second, pipes o'plenty, every other scene has someone smoking a pipe. All kinds of styles are on display. One scene has a German or Austrian soldier smoking a massive pipe. Perhaps the pipe brought a touch of...
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    A Natural Conspiracy Against Me Smoking

    As a new year trudges on, I can't help but think that the fates are aligned against me and are keeping me from my pipe. A happy wife is supposed to equate to a happy life, and so there is no smoking in the house. The temp outside is below zero and so smoking outdoors is none too appealing. My...
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    Any thoughts about the possibility of Cuban cigars getting back on the market in my lifetime? I am not a big cigar guy, but I do love Punch Habanos.
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    Tin Collector?

    Anyone out there collect tins? I have been organizing my cellar for some time now and have transferred many tobaccos to jars. As such, I have a large selection of new tins for you. It is that or recycling.
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    How to Date Esoterica Tobaccos?

    Does anyone know how to date Esoterica tobaccos? I am growing my seller and would like to know production dates if possible. If I can't place a date on the tobacco then I will have to list out the date I bought it. This would be less than desirable as some of these bags are seriously old or at...
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    Pricing Tobaccos

    All, I have been cleaning out my cellar of tobaccos to make room, but I am thinking that my prices or tobaccos may not be desirable. Example, I am selling my HH Vintage Syrian Latakia from 2012-13 for $70. This is roughly $30 above its original retail. I have seen online vendors selling it for...
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    No Clear Link Between Secondhand Smoke and Lung Cancer

    So, I am reading up on tobacco legislation and came across an interesting article from the Journal of The National Cancer Institute which states that they have found no clear link between secondhand smoke and lung cancer. What are the chances of this fact playing a role in overturning decades of...
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    Rule Question

    Can we repost items? I have a large collection that I am trying to off load. Need to make room for new tobacco.
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    An Experiment

    I know I am asking for trouble but here goes. I recently had a tobacco that was bone dry. I rehydrated in and have brought it back to life. That said, it was not that great of a smoke. I am thinking about sealing it in a tin and baking it. My thinking is that the stuff is already trash, so why...
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    FS: Vintage Syrian Latakia, Dunhill Standard & Mellow Mix, Sherlock Holmes, Scotch Cake (1/25/21)

    EDIT: Added Date to Title For Sale: Vintage Syrian Latakia 2012-13 (100oz) = $70 per tin Dunhill Standard (2012), Dunhill Standard Mellow Mix (2016), Peterson's Sherlock Holmes(2012) and Gawith Broken Scotch Cake(2012) all $20 a tin.
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    Iwan Ries & CPCC

    Once Covid has abated to the point where Illinois lifts most restrictions, the CPCC will host a social smoke at Iwan Ries. IR has been a huge supporter of the Chicago Show for a long time, and we would like to return the favor. I will post updates when such meetings will occur.
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    Tobaccos Comparison

    Just a thought on different tobaccos equated to food. Dip = Hard Candy Snuff = Condiment Cigarettes' = Potato Chip Cigar = A fine meal Pipe = after diner port Thoughts?
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    A Self-Imposed Respite

    After a bad few weeks of tongue bite, I am stepping back from the pipe for a week. I rarely smoke during the week as time is in short supply, and I already hot box my smoke as it is. Being rushed will not aid in this. When I return to the pipe, I shall pack it a little lighter, smoke it a little...
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    Pipes Over Personalities and Politics

    All, I am a delicate flower and a snowflake. I like my aromatics to sing of Unicorns and Smurfs with a hints of vanilla. My politics are center left. As a social creature I tend to congregate in the smoky dens of fellow pipe enthusiasts. I have noticed that many of my compatriots tend to be...
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    Any Update On Illinois Flavored Tobacco Laws

    Anyone have an update on Illinois flavored tobacco ban? Illinois has never met a tax it didn't love and one would think any tobacco ban is going to have a negative impact on tax revenue?
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    Gawith Limited Series

    All, So I opened a tin of Gawith's Limited 2012 only to find the tobacco was bone dry. What was the thinking behind not sealing these tins? I went ahead and opened all of my Gawith Limited tins. They are all bone dry! WTF? This stuff ain't cheap. Anyone know the story with this blend?
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    Samuel Gawith 2013 Limited

    I recently opened a tin of Gawith's Limited Edition 2013. My review is as follows. The tobacco was bone dry. After rehydrating, I found the blend to be nothing special. Now I like my aromatics, and this tobacco had a mild room note that was not unpleasant but was not to my liking. The tobacco...
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    The Stem Lip

    All, One are of the stem that I have the most difficulty cleaning has to be the lip. The little crease before the button just seems to be the most difficult to reach. I have spoken with Jamie Connely at Stem and Briar. He has his own tricks for getting into the crease, but what works for others...